How To Host The Perfect Afternoon Tea At Home

31 October 2017

How to host the perfect afternoon tea at home

As it's firmly into Bake Off season, I've been getting stronger urges to consume cake than usual (I mean, not that much stronger, really... come at me, Victoria sponge). However, with that urge comes the realisation that going out for fancy afternoon teas all the time + trying to save pennies don't really go together all that well. So, it was time to get into the kitchen and start whipping up my own sweet treats to gorge on whilst watching the Great British Bake Off.

See how I got on during an afternoon curled up with endless cups of tea and scones ladled with strawberry jam and cream, all whilst trying out the Mary Berry bakeware range*.

My Autumn Skincare Lineup

25 October 2017

My Autumn Skincare Lineup

It's been an absolute age since I wrote a skincare routine update post, with my Winter Skincare Wonder Products post in October 2014 (!!) probably being the last comparable one. I've switched my routine up quite a lot in the last year, downplaying it from high-end to low-end products which still pack a punch. For me, it's always been about the ingredients within the products and what they can do for me, rather than the brand name behind the product. For example, Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish will never be a fancy product I turn to because of the shea butter within it that wreaks havoc on my skin.

Read on to see what I've been loving, and which gaps in my routine I'd like to fill in this autumn/winter with a li'l skincare wishlist...*

Unwinding After Work with Ora Beauty, Edinburgh

21 October 2017

Ora Beauty Edinburgh

Picture the scene: you're shutting your laptop down on another productive working day, feeling rather weary and in need of a good pamper to wind down. Well, last month I was lucky enough to be invited over to Ora Beauty in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, for just that: two hours of blissful pampering*.

And it was all to celebrate their brand spanking new 'beauty bundles'; specially handpicked beauty treatment packages for every occasion. Read on to see how I got on winding down after a crazy day at work...