The Summer Round-up

18 September 2017

The Summer Round-up
Phew... I know I've already started talking about autumn, but can we just take a minute to look back on the summer months for a bit? Because it was quite the rollercoaster. From moving in with a boy; to leaving that job that made me unhappy; to ticking places off my travel bucket list, it's all been happening! I'm currently sat with a cuppa tea, milling over all these photos with a wee soppy grin on - life really is 100x better compared to this time last year. Read on to find out what I've been up to...

Autumn Homeware Updates for Under £50

11 September 2017

Autumn Homeware Updates for under £50
As the evenings draw in and I start snuggling up in my fleece dressing gown, candle burning and a glass of my favourite red wine in hand, I've started thinking about how to make my home the cosiest it can be. As a homebird, I bloody love pottering around and re-arranging my space. Oh, and it's also pretty handy having the excuse to stay indoors and watch Netflix while the rain taps away at your window... yas! Following on from my Autumn Wardrobe wishlist, I thought I'd plot out a little wishlist of homeware accessories I'd love to add to our wee abode to make it more of a lovely space to come home to.

My Autumn Wardrobe Picks

6 September 2017

My Autumn Wardrobe 2017 Picks

How is it September already, you guys? I feel like I blinked and Thailand, the Edinburgh Fringe and Lauren's Hen Do disappeared in a flash, boo. However, it does mean that it's now time to dig around my wardrobe and figure out what I need for those coming chilly autumnal months. I'm thinking slogan jumpers, fun accessories and lots of colour to pep me up for the season ahead. In the spirit of this, I've come up with a little autumn wardrobe picks post for you all to wade through with a cuppa tea (or a pumpkin spiced latte, if you're really feeling seasonal). I hope I can add a few little bits and bobs to your wishlist.

An August To Do List

6 August 2017

An August To Do List - The Likely Lady

Firstly, how is it even August yet? I feel like it was just yesterday I was boarding a flight to Bangkok, but here we are! It's been a weird rollercoaster of a summer for me, from Graeme and I moving in together to me finally quitting that job. But, all of it was a natural progression and I don't regret a thing, even if I'm on the hunt for a new job now, eek! I thought I'd write a li'l list of things I want to achieve this month to make the most of the final (if rainy) days of summer...

Two Weeks in Thailand: Koh Tao and Koh Samui

21 July 2017

Koh Tao and Koh Samui Travel Guide
Oh hello! Me again. I thought it was about time I sat down and wrote about my trip to Thailand in May-June of this year. I spent quite a while whittling down the 470+ photos taken on the trip (at least on my Olympus Pen, but there's far more lingering on my iPhone...) but I've finally got it down to a reasonable amount so I don't overwhelm anyone reading this! I'm going to split this into two posts, so this first one will be about my time on the islands of Koh Tao and Koh Samui in the south of Thailand. It was a whirlwind of delicious pad thai, boat trips, cheap beer and stunning sunsets, and definitely an area I'd like to visit again one day.

So, without further ado, here's what I got up to during the first week of our trip!