Topshop SS09 / Bebaroque Wishlist

31 January 2009

Well, I've taken the plunge! Thank goodness for Blogger. I've got loads of things to get out of my mind and write - or rather type, and my little red Moleskine isn't cutting it anymore (although it is pretty damn amazing!)

First of all, here's a little bit of what i'm loving at the moment (sorry, it's all ~Topshop~ as i was doing a bit of Polyvore searching through the Topshop items. God, this makes me recall the ol' Arctic Monkeys lyric; "I fancy you with a passion, you're a Topshop princess, a rockstar too". Bad times..)

Topshop SS09 wishlist

A little off-duty-ballerina in parts! I'm really loving floaty, chiffon fabrics aswell as a bit of structure to offset it.
Yep, I think it's "The Christmas Effect" where everything you want to wear is about two sizes too big and baggy enough to cover the dreaded Christmas tummy. Although, considering it's now pretty much February this is going to prove a useless excuse for my love of comfort..

Also, how awesome are these tights below? If I could pull off white tights like a pro I'd be straight into these babies.. £69 for a pair of tights though (?!) My purse would be seriously weeping. The fact they have diamant√© on the intricate design is a perplexing surprise, considering my first thoughts when struck with the word diamant√© are of 90s crop tops from Tammy Girl covered in the things. And more recently, of ladettes using them as replacements for diamonds. Seriously, what's going on with that? Fake Thai Chanel bags, anyone..? However, when it comes to Bebaroque you know you're getting something special. Really glad Susie Bubble enlightened people on the label in her blog a short while ago!

Bebaroque at ASOS

Bebaroque @

Edit: A new pair have just landed at ASOS which cost considerably less! (yet still serious £££ for a pair of tights..)Bebaroque at ASOS
Bebaroque @

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