The Ultimate Summer Dress

17 May 2009

Summer is around the corner; teasing & tickling us with the first few bursts of sunshine; disappearing as quickly as it arrives. Oh, the joys of being a British citizen..
It's got me getting my magnifying glass out, with excitement bubbling..: time for that dreaded/welcome - delete as appropriate - "Summer Shop"! Dresses are where it's at at the moment, especially considering I wear them a lot more nowadays. 

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sweetheart necklines. They are mega flattering on me and make me feel all 50s Bettie Page

Tea dresses. Yep, I know, they've been done many a time before, and usually caked in florals. I can't help it - they're so ladylike and comfortable!
A-line! For my humongous child-bearing hips (thanks mum)

Net-A-Porter, yet again you set my heart alight..
How good is the label Lover?!


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