Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers; starts so soft and sweet and turns them into hunters

26 July 2009

Topshop Cameo Necklace
Woah, okay. Change of plans yesterday. Went on an improptu Edinburgh trip in the sunshiiine. Got the cutest jewellery and lingerie. Reeeally pleased. Had a slightly embarrassing moment which involved bras + a boy I thought was a girl (he had really feminine features and longish blonde hair, okay!!!)... er, I don't think it's the norm for a guy to know your bra size before he even asks how you are?! Cringe. There was actually more cringe but I refuse to acknowledge it! It'll probably be announced at any future wedding anyway, sigh.

Topshop Rocking Horse Necklace
The Gathering - as part of Homecoming Scotland - was on in Holyrood Park whilst we were trekking around the centre so, unbeknownst to me, the Police-escorted car going past us (that I joked contained Sean Connery because he's usually lurking around there pledging his love for all things 'SCOTTTTISH') was actually Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. First I see the Queen, and then they drive right past me. In one month. ODD. Urgh though; why not Harry? Maybe he's next in line... so to speak.
SO, had a meal. Came home late. Collapsed.
Really wish I'd seen the clan procession down the Royal Mile last night. 'Bet it was amazing. My clan was there, but I'm not sure how many turned up under our name. Forgot completely that it was happening!
More Edinburgh to come next week.... overdosing or what? Plus T in the Park photos which I think are being developed at some point today.


A Note: Life Updates

23 July 2009

Hellooo! Lovely day today. Kinda wondering whether I've got a mild case of sunburn from just walking about a harbour though..? Urgh.

Had a mini fit over the new trailer released for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland! Can't add it here because of the stupid YouTube ~copyright infringement laws~. Excited beyond belief. If you hadn't gathered already, my blog quote on the right-hand side refers to a page in the book. And speaking of books, I totally nerded it up today and got a Beatles biography and Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. Aaaah. I also converted my bestie to the wonders of Giselé Scanlon's books for her week away. She ended up spending 45 minutes looking for it in a book shop haha.
Goddess Guide Gisele Scanlon
Goddess Guide Gisele Scanlon
How cute is the inside cover? Er, okay. I'm a little too in love with cherry blossoms it seems. Really really want a little bird tattoo on my ankle someday too.

Planning to go down to Newcastle sometime in the next two weeks, and up to Edinburgh with a friend on Tuesday who usually ends up in a drunken shambles after a couple of cocktails - BUT she can't because she's driving this time. Muahaha! Love her to bits really! Tomorrow I'm seeing my gran for a cringeworthy old-people bitch-fest. Which is hilarious really; I thought teenagers were bad.. On Saturday I'll be trailing around a local show. Monday I'm going picnic'ing. Haven't done that in years. Hope the weather holds out though...

Oh my God, had to say this; 'Vanilla Cupcake' Yankee Candles have the most amazing scent. My room smells heavenly.

Apparently, this is my personality profile. Updated it to see if I'd changed and I, weirdly, have done. In five months?! I think I'm just maturing a lot this year. There's things I've been doing without thinking that I couldn't imagine doing a year ago. It feels awesome. I'm happy with who I'm becoming, after a load of years of feeling awkward and out of place.

So, just chilling out generally. Oh, 'being offered a glass of wine, SO I'M OFF. I'm not actually an alcoholic. Goodnight! 


Inspirations: Rodarté, Bob Dylan & Emma Watson

20 July 2009

Having just managed to cut my hand whilst painting my nails (yep, when you're like me, anything is possible...!) I thought I'd post a Polyvore I did earlier which actually doesn't come out right when I embed it in here but whatever..
My Inspirations: Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel

So much influencing me at the moment! In that we have..:

  • Rodarte dresses
  • Bob Dylan (of course)
  • Emma Watson; stunning photos of her in Teen Vogue this month looking a bit English eccentric, and obviously ties in with Potter mania right now
  • Courtney Love. I love her erratic tweets about various c'lebs - *cough* Billy Corgan - and people generally screwing up her life.. but mainly, she tweeted her praise for one of my ol' favourite books, The Goddess Guide, a couple of weeks after I did. WEIRD.
  • Blair Waldorf. Clearly, she's fictional but she is an AMAAZING bitch and I love the headbands Leighton Meester gets to wear playing her. Chuck and Blair forever (!), etc.
  • Dita von Teese. She's my ultimate and, despite (or is that because of..?) her job, amazingly elegant and ladylike!
  • Burberry Prorsum. I LOVE Christopher Bailey. And the current ad campaign.
  • Zooey Deschanel. Cute and quirky, and her new film - 500 days of Summer - looks so cute! The lead guy - Joseph Gordon-Levitt - was also in 10 Things I Hate About You. 'Just discovered that in a weird twist of fate. Awesome soundtrack too.
  • Charles Anastase. Love their designs. They haven't disappointed me yet.
  • Audrey Hepburn. She's classically beautiful and Roman Holiday is one of my favourite films ever.
  • Pattie Boyd and George Harrison. In a way I think.. what a total idiot she was for ditching him and getting with Eric Clapton of all people, but her and George were adorable at the time.
  • Tim Walker. Favourite photographer!!!
  • Katy Perry.... now, I know she's not the best of singers. I'm not the biggest fan (mainly because of her rift with Lily Allen) but she did a fun gig at T in the Park and I love that she hasn't got cookie cutter style, so I'll give her credit where credit's due!
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Obsessed again. Heads Will Roll has been constantly in my head for a while, and when they did Skeletons with East Kilbride Pipe Band it sealed it for me.. do I sound too much like a crazy Scotswoman.
  • Alexa Chung. ERGH. I dislike her as a person but she knows how to dress!!
  • Marchesa. Favourite dress designers.. hate it when questionable people like Miley Cyrus wear it though..!
  • and finally.... like always, The Virgin Suicides continues to influence me.


An A-Z of Me

16 July 2009

It's been too long.. I am actually still breathing, so, hello out there universe, galaxy, etc etc!
A bit ill at the moment. Wrapped in a blanket and squirreling away chocolate.

Inspired by Gala Darling's "Alphabet of Lurve" I've decided to give her suggestion a go and do my own sparkly list of funfun things that make me happy and buzzzzzzing :)

Autumn/Winter... okay, I know, "wtf, it's the height of summer, what's she on about?", right? Seeing as fashion buyers don't live in the present tense, the first few glimpses of the new season are dripping out bit by bit. I kind of actually miss black sequins, perfectly-applied eyeliner and my questionably huge ankle boots.... :S

B Blushing like a pre-teen over cute compliments. Sometimes I just don't wanna grow up and lose that feeling!

C Candy for the eye. Helllllllllo Ed Westwick (you guilty smouldering-hobbit pleasure). Bite me. Josh Holloway in the Davidoff advert D:
Brandon Flowers..!
Johnny Depp
There are probably many more but I always forget

D Day trips to places you forgot about. I've got little visits loosely pencilled-in over the remainder of July and into August so I'm mega cheery. Also, a chance to get going with my Nikon. Feels like I've been abandoning it as of late.

E Eerily similar people. I'm not used to meeting people who mirror me, but it's been a learning curve and it's nice to be able to rant/share/laugh.

F Flickr; my saviour in a moment of creative lockdown/exasperation at our dull summer/photography stalking!

G Good banter. This past weekend I hit up T in the Park. Met some eccentric characters and gathered some new chants (about MJ and Swine Flu, obviously). "Let it all freeeeeee, be non-conformist! Skip with me!" Okay?!! I also sang my heart out to Queen, ABBA and The Beatles. Cheesy mass singalongs: the sign of a good time.

H Harry Potter mania! Seeing it on Monday so I'm getting a bit erratic and childlike... mmm.. wizards..

I Inspiration. Lots of it. Next summer I really want to get my ass into gear and do something life-changing.

J Journal'ing.. YEP. It's a-back.

K The Killers make me so unbelievably bouncy and cheery. Favourite consistently good live band. Mix in a rowdy Scottish crowd and you're on to a winner.

L Lady GaGa. She's insane. She told us all we were smelly pissheads. She also called us London... what a woman. But really, if I had a body like that I'd be an exhibitionist too!

M Magazine hoarding (!!!). Guilty as charged. It's getting a bit insane now. I may aswell take up smoking excessive amounts while I'm at it.

N New houses. I've moved! Having breakfast outside is soo lovely. New spaces to explore! We're still settling in but it's surprising how little I miss the old house. The new one has been affectionately named the "Tardis" by family friends.. guess why?

O Old faces popping up on Facebook. Good thing, bad thing? It feels a bit like exorcising your demons so I'm pretty relieved :)

P Phone calls from friends.. declaring their giddy excitement at suggestively titled cocktails and joking about the male species.

Q Quotations. They're scattered around my bedroom and perk me up in a moment of self-deprication. Sorted.

R Reading again. I'm having withdrawal symptomssss. I walked into Waterstones and nearly had a brain explosion at the amount of potential. Overwhelmed!

S Sartorial love. I've got street style blogs practically wallpapering my Google Reader. It's really cute seeing how the ~elite~ in different cities dress, and getting a little inspiration.

T Tea. Today was cold, and tea is hot. Simples.

U Unlimited texts. Since - FINALLY - having permanent signal, it's been great to be able to send stupid texts at stupid o'clock.

V Visiting my bestie after a year apart. Can't wait. It's gonna be ace!

W Weather. Hahaha, weather. Seriously? On a happy A-Z list.. :| I think it's like marmite. And right now I really like the storms ploughing away over here whilst the hot weather elbows the cold weather out of the way.

X X-rated? Lolzz.. yeah. Kisses :) and "xoxo" because I use it far too much these days, plus, it reminds me of my addiction to Gossip Girl!

Y Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I've been sucked in to them once again. Bagpipes + Karen O? So wrong yet so right. Hopefully, I'll get to see them in all their glory whilst basking in the sun. NEXT MONTH.

Z Zzzzz... catching the zeds while I have the time.