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23 July 2009

Hellooo! Lovely day today. Kinda wondering whether I've got a mild case of sunburn from just walking about a harbour though..? Urgh.

Had a mini fit over the new trailer released for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland! Can't add it here because of the stupid YouTube ~copyright infringement laws~. Excited beyond belief. If you hadn't gathered already, my blog quote on the right-hand side refers to a page in the book. And speaking of books, I totally nerded it up today and got a Beatles biography and Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. Aaaah. I also converted my bestie to the wonders of GiselĂ© Scanlon's books for her week away. She ended up spending 45 minutes looking for it in a book shop haha.
Goddess Guide Gisele Scanlon
Goddess Guide Gisele Scanlon
How cute is the inside cover? Er, okay. I'm a little too in love with cherry blossoms it seems. Really really want a little bird tattoo on my ankle someday too.

Planning to go down to Newcastle sometime in the next two weeks, and up to Edinburgh with a friend on Tuesday who usually ends up in a drunken shambles after a couple of cocktails - BUT she can't because she's driving this time. Muahaha! Love her to bits really! Tomorrow I'm seeing my gran for a cringeworthy old-people bitch-fest. Which is hilarious really; I thought teenagers were bad.. On Saturday I'll be trailing around a local show. Monday I'm going picnic'ing. Haven't done that in years. Hope the weather holds out though...

Oh my God, had to say this; 'Vanilla Cupcake' Yankee Candles have the most amazing scent. My room smells heavenly.

Apparently, this is my personality profile. Updated it to see if I'd changed and I, weirdly, have done. In five months?! I think I'm just maturing a lot this year. There's things I've been doing without thinking that I couldn't imagine doing a year ago. It feels awesome. I'm happy with who I'm becoming, after a load of years of feeling awkward and out of place.

So, just chilling out generally. Oh, 'being offered a glass of wine, SO I'M OFF. I'm not actually an alcoholic. Goodnight! 


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