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13 August 2009


Slightly miffed because Bestie has just gone away for a couple of weeks to America.. where am I gonna get my calming cheery-uppy pep talks when I'm going a bit mental?? Haha. Tut, lucky girl though! When she gets back I'm going to go see her and have a big catch-up at hers, probably involving jealousy at her all-american tan (goddamnit).

So, what have I been doing... well, mostly being overwhelmed by tonnes to think about. Caffeine is serving me well right now. Infact, one sec while I pop the kettle on.. *brief interlude accompanied by MJ minimix*. Mmm.. et voila, one vanilla cappuccino (foam-at-mouth, etc). Basically, I've been trying to decide what the hell I want to do with my life after a sudden change of heart. Seems I've had one helluva mental growth spurt in 2009 (just, er, not height-wise!). I actually had one of those adrenaline-fuelled evenings this week throughout all of this. Completely have to learn to shut off and stop thinking (!!!)

I found this last week, aww

Apart from that, in the midst of a big ponder on Monday my phone rang. Like, the split second I was about to click 'post' on a ridiculous blog entry on LJ, Blondie starts playing. I think I have a bit of an eery psychic-twin going on. Emma, all cheery and insane (considering she started work at 6am that morning because she's a self-torturing nutter who loves to challenge herself haha), says she's coming to pick me up to go for an urgent coffee goss. So off we go. I got introduced to this guy who I'd vaguely seen for a while where he works but I only knew of him. Noiice. I'm completely surprised he's our age because he just looks a lot older. Then again, me and Emma are like two wee peas in a pod. OH, and, speaking of which, Dundee is now arranged for next week. Hooray.
I've been doing a lot of seaside lovin' the past two weeks. Here goes.. (oh and I have yet to edit anything I'm afraid)

Stephen Fry just tweeted "w00t!". Why does this warm my heart somehow? I love him like an uncle. A very Walking Wikipedia-esque Twitter-obsessed uncle, but an uncle nonetheless.
Also on a Twitter-related note, Courtney Love is spamming me with her "nightmares" about "blood on walls" and "asian kids", and premonitions about people dieing. "I'm on 0 meds, i'm drug free! But i'm hyperventilating and covered in sweat!" What a woman (?!) In her book Dirty Blonde I was mega confused. She's inspiring but insane.. just like most legends I guess.

The amaziiing Fringe is on. I'm not there and probably not going yet again. It's been like two or three years since the last time. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Sadface. I miss Bill Bailey's Steampunk

AND FINALLY... my hotly anticipated festy ticket arrived yesterday. Feels real now. Excited and nervous. Read something which made me feel relieved thank God. Can't wait to compare it to its rebellious little sister (even if I'm only there the last day). Seeing someone who I've waited practically forever for so that's a biit special.

Until next time... xoxo

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