Travelling Wilbury: Royal Yacht Britannia & the Borders

2 August 2009

by gsb_viva

This week has been immense. Full to the brim. AND the sun is back out today..! A few highlights....

Monday was cute. Had a calming effect on me; ipod + peace = ace. Went exploring. Hadn't been to that area since I was little. So pretty. Here come the touristy shots..

hiding in the background is a tipi (!!). really want to
spend a night in one someday please?!

Tuesday, me and the partner-in-crime finally watched Harry Potter (shockin'). I would give a long-winded review but, really, it's been done. Especially in love with Luna Lovegood.. my alter ego! Oh, and, thankfully didn't see aforementioned Bra Boy. Phew.

Friday was the turn of the Royal Yacht Britannia. Had been meaning to see it for aaages. Love all things naval. Even wore my cardi with the gold anchor buttons.. haha, not even intentional. Negatives? it's situated next to a shopping centre. Nooooo *coughcough*.

by onefivenine

Today, I've mainly been hyperventilating over Switzerland. WHY have I only just embraced it?! Stunning. Magical.

by Katarina2353

.. and making mini blueberry cheesecakes. Yum.
Just got a call from the bestie who let me hear a blind man covering Don't Stop Me Now. Wicked?! Got asked if it was Stevie Wonder.. I won't go into the rest of that joke! Not exactly PC.
So, we're thinking about a spot of travelling next summer, me and this bestie of mine. It's in its infancy stages but if it happens it'll be kick-ass. Love starting a new goal and feeling the adrenaline when it all falls into place. I'm a massive Sagittarius travel freak.

Special mentions: my friend the birthday girl, caramel lattes, spontaneous bouquets of pink roses, suicidal tendancies ("can we talk about this when we're not actually crossing the bridge?!"), evil M&S food keeping me up at half 3 in the morning, 'cheerful' staff, dodgy milkshake vodka, zooming along roads with Pantera, Muse and MJ blasting, long-awaited photos, txting like crazy, singing in the rain, self-service checkouts, trashy celeb slaughtering, ticket inspector banter "bring 4 pints and pass it around", scottish slang deciphering, UMBRELLAS, blueberries, parisian fantasies, reading insane amounts, shockin' haggis discoveries, "theymakefudgeontheBOAT", getting my sea legs, Shelfari, the ginge cat with a crush on my cat, potential janet jackson "wardrobe malfunction", Top Gear re-enactments, Tender - Blur + New Killer Star - David Bowie.

et voila! xoxo

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