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16 September 2009

Wow okay. Trying to make the most of feeling this impassioned and overly-emotional, courtesy of Benjamin Buttons. I've not been that bothered by a film since The Notebook.. (gahh, how clich├ęd is that whole Notebook + crying female thing? The shame!). So that's right.. I'm writing a blog entry.
Currently curled up on my bed with lovely snuggly blankets & glittering fairy lights surrounding me - yes, that's right, imagine an angelic halo and you've got it (I wish). Is it wrong that I'm kinda excited for winter nights?! Today the mothership sprang premature Christmas party plans on me. I can't write the word; it feels all kinds of WRONG at this time of year. We've barely gotten over the hangover of summer. Apparently Selfridges in London have opened their festive shop. No wonder everyone is sick of the holiday when The Day finally arrives these days. Or maybe I just need to rekindle some lost youthful enthusiasm..?

A couple of months ago, around the time I moved actually, I wrote a to-do list. Well, not just any daily monotonous list; goals, dreams, etc. I'd never done it before, but I'd read this article about young women with seemingly no recognition of life's twists and turns, mapping out their lives with definite ages at which to achieve things. You know the score: married at 27, babies by 30, bla bla. I just thought, what..? Seriously? What if an offer landed in your lap right now which didn't coordinate well with your plans? Would you let it slip away?

Going to sound like the poor man's Carrie from SATC but.. "it got me to thinking", 'I don't even have my short term goals properly written down and stashed away in my bedside drawer, never mind like THAT'. I kind of like it, in a small way, with none of that RIGID PLANNING business. So I did some goal plotting. I'm slowly beginning to work towards ticking some off. Maybe not all of them (I'm nowhere near ready for those big stages in my life yet!!) but a few. I know next year I'm going to start a new chapter of my life, so it's a bit like ~preparing~ myself while I have the year to figure things out and do things on my own terms.

Ok, you're free to look now. The deep n' meaningfuls have left town. On to lighter things, right?

♥ The other night I listened to The Wall from start to finish... hahahaha GOD, nerdy love again.
♥ It's the middle of NY Fashion Week! Yayyy
♥ I'm gonna be doing a lot more photography as of next week :)
♥ So excited for next month. Weekend to my favourite place on earth is in order!
♥ Peep Show is back on Friday, AAH happy dance
♥ Admitted I fancy Gerard Butler BUT he looks like the oldie crush we all have.. arrrgh

Bedtime xoxo

ps - I miss my bestie

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