Interior Inspirations: World Map Blinds, Disco Stairs & Birdcages

28 October 2009

I found a diary (a Jacqueline Wilson diary, no less) from when I was clearly a very ambitious and fairytale-loving 10 year old. In answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I wrote an enthusiastic and childlike reply involving singing, dancing and apartments in the city. Oh and, er, a cat. Well, despite the obvious change in perspective on the part of "singing and dancing" - seriously, that is too horrifying to envisage! - I still get slightly misty-eyed when thinking about how my own little hideaway will look. That's possibly why I have a folder full of interior dreams..

PS - before I proceed, don't worry. I'm definitely not victim to the Cath Kidston love-in, with ~shabby chic~ (sickinmouth) floral prints swamping everything from tea towels to dog coats - kill me now, please.

 OmgamazingIwannadrawonmykitchenwall :|:|
 Blair Waldorf's wardrobe, uh, yes please

....walk-in wardrobes (drool), disco (!) stairs, world map blinds and birdcages. Um, with regard to the "cat" thing, I'm pretty sure I'll also be living with a lot of felines......


Credits: if any of these images belong to you please inform me, as I haven't managed to keep track of the sources xo

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