Hermione de Paula, Luella & Liz Ham

10 November 2009


Having spent the last couple of not-so-pretty days tucked up in bed with endless mugs of hot honey & lemon - curse the flu! - it was veeery comforting to take a look at some pretty pictures today. Here are the ~stuff of beautyzz~ that've been rocking my world this week..

♥ Seems a lot like most people are starting to begrudgingly (or possibly overexcitedly) embrace the looming festive season, so the timely opening of Liberty's Luella Grotto last night has flicked the festive switch on in me too! Just sneaking a peak at the various Christmassy scenes conjured up by Maxine Groucutt of Liberty gives me a warm, wistful feeling - and I don't mean due to the feverish symptoms my flu has inflicted on me..! What I wouldn't give for an improptu visit to the capital this month..
Unfortunately, however, Luella's festive opening has been overshadowed by the news publicised today that her label 'Luella' has ceased trading for the forseeable future. I felt the need to mention this news because of my long-time fondness for her bright, kitsch n' cheery designs in an industry otherwise spilling over with serious, ~alternative~ and, frankly, downright unwearable collections. Er, I was even considering naming my future child Luella... but that's another story.. Let's hope the label resurrects itself in time like a true phoenix from the ashes.

New favourite designer alert!!! This week, I read about Hermione de Paula on Style Bubble and was intrigued at her use of incarnating Venus - the mythical Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility - through her SS10 collection. The strong womanly subject is extended with the use of trompe l'oeil flowers depicting the insides of the female body. It is this basic human essence of female beauty which de Paula has captured that has enchanted me about the collection, along with the sheer beauty of the clothes in themselves! The description of the collection has even inspired me to nerd up on Roman and Greek mythology, having struck me at how little I actually know about the subject!

Liz Ham Photography
♥ Photographer Liz Ham
Liz Ham Photography
Liz Ham Photography

♥ Getting more and more :@@@@ angryfaced at Supermario haha. Hellooo childhood regression!

♥ Seeing my best friend this weekend for the first time since September was pretty awesome too :) Alcohol and giggles = cure for shaking off that down-in-the-dumps feeling bleak weather brings with it.

Probably lots more, but this blog posting malarky takes its toll! 

Goodniiight xoxo

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  1. LOVE THIS BLOG. that music video is one of my all time favourite. im gonna try and recreate one using daphne and kurt ahahhaha.


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