Happy Belated Hallowe'en!

1 November 2009


Reading... The Essential Dalai Lama - HH Dalai Lama. Strangely captivating & inspiring. I've always had a secret soft spot for Buddhism though. Haha. Seriously no idea why.

Listening... to the same music over and over because I'm yet to transfer my mahoosive itunes collection to laptop :( I keep listening to:
Talk Show Host - Radiohead,
You've Got The Love - Florence & the Machine,
Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc,
Dreaming - Blondie,
One of Us Must Know - Bob Dylan,
Time Warp - Rocky Horror Show,
People Are Strange - The Doors.

Watching... guilty pleasures because Autumn is awesome for telly. True Blood, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty (kinda going off it though) and Hollyoaks.
Films: Up - it was so cute and a good ole classic animation. On par with Wall-E imo.
Paranormal Activity - :S maybe I should have watched it alone with the lights off - and not laughed - but it really wasn't as horrifying as everyone is making out. There were some awesome scenes but they were few and far between. I think it's because I'm into (real) "paranormal activity" already so it doesn't shock me like it used to.

Buying... camera film, birthday outfit (must.find.knock-out.dress. even though I live in dresses 90% of time anyway), cranberry lippie (i'm a gofffff around Hallowe'en), vitaminzzz & water & blueberry and ginseng energy drinks (hopefully why I'll be hyper and glowing this time next month).

Loving... ♥ freeeeeeeeeedom. Plus, the fact that everywhere I read my horoscope this month it declares how exciting and rejuvenating things are gonna start getting - "New paths, opportunities... your life's beginning!" - and feeling in agreement. I love taking responsibility of my own destiny :) It's like shedding the skin of who I used to be and creating the person I wanna be now.
♥ COCKTAILS.. the pub are making cocktails on my actual birthday. So cute. Infact, even drunk-boy is excited for my birthday hahaha. + "it feels like only yesterday the women were stubbing their cigarettes out and passing you around the bar" - proof I was a classy baby. Happyhappy!
♥ Feeling lucky for what I've gained and learnt from the last few years.

Wanting... a lotta good memories created this birthday, festive season & new year.
Admittedly, also to do something about my feelings for someone before it's too late. I just remember how I felt when I realised it wasn't gonna happen last time - hurt like a bitch. Seems like a waste not doing anything, considering how uncertain life is anyway. Kinda scared. We'll see.

I'm off for a birrov pampering, tea drinking, txting & x factor'ing now :)


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