2010: Create & Follow My Own Path

28 December 2009

♥ don't have a ruddy clue where I found this but it's the biggest kick up the arse I've had all day..!

Not the greatest day of my week, but I'm not letting myself be tied down by any stale views people may bring to the table. After all, the one thing I've learnt from 2009 is to create and follow my own path. Whatever my chosen path leads to is down to me and no-one else! :)

A few things I'm going to do to prepare for 2010..

Clean out my room.. bleh!
Sort out my makeup (What needs throwing away? Bring more colour into my day make-up!)
Tidy out my wardrobe and discover gaps that need filling (hello skinny trousers/jeans/blazer..!) instead of impulse buying
Write Thankyou emails to family..
Work out new foods to incorporate into my day (more smoothies/juices purrr-lease!! but more variety). Getting bored of the same-old.
Clear out 'favourites' folders
Create a 2010 visual life proposal.. and a new style collage..! (Photoshop? By hand?)
Tear down old pictures/quotes from my walls - replace them with fresh quotes and images
Create goals. (What do I want to achieve this year? Is there anything new I'd like to try? Create personal deadlines; scribble them in my diary so I can review them each week, and make a start asap!!!)

Decide how I'd like to bring in the New Year. (Make it go out with a bang!)
Find new music/bands to be the soundtrack to my year
Find a quiet moment to reflect on the year and all you've achieved. (I've done this already, and written a list of the achievements in the back of my 2009 diary. Reading it makes everything more real and helps you realise quite how much can happen in one year! Confidence, girl..!)

and finally.. do not watch ridiculous celebrity news-based 2009 highlights shows, usually shown on forlorn BBC/ITV channels. You are better than that..! (Okay, Big Fat Quiz' on New Year's Day is acceptable..)


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