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27 December 2009

Reading... Grazia double festive issue & The Time Traveler's Wife

Drinking... OJ & cranberry juices & water & caramel cappuccino. Pretty much what I drink at the mo!

Listening... right now, The Temper Trap - Fader. Been downloading Neil Young, Weezer, Temper Trap & Joy Division. Mostly already had all of it but yea. OOH, and Flo & Machine as always, because I've just got her album for xmas (lol. I'm lazy and wait months, obviously)

Wanting... to not be all grumppppperrs right now :( and to eat sunday roast.. yummers.

Watching... hahaha the last thing I watched was The Real Da Vinci Code. I'm awesomely nerdy like that and love conspiracy theories. Usually, Gossip Girl obsessed & chrimbo telly

Loving... Christmas breakkkkkkkkk, fresh unread books, my cat curled up beside me with her new red collar on (awwh), my deer/panda PJs & writing. Plusplusplussssss, yule log.. eviiiiiiiiil eeeeeeeeevil stuff :(


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