Dream Interlude - Chanel Couture SS10

28 January 2010

Chanel Chanel Chanel!

What a beautiful magical mystery parade you put on, Monsieur Lagerfeld..
As always, couture week was a glittering star on the Christmas Tree that is fashion.
I've just taken a quick virtual tour through it via Tavi and, my gosh, I'm going all gooey-eyed and shamelessly girlie over the extravagant mess of purrrrrre silk and embroidery. I feel a little like Cleopatra with all her Egyptian fabrics and.. er.. bathing in mud baths (?????)

On with the show...


...dreaming of flouncing around the Seine in grande Paris like a lost princess (Okay, I just reaaaally want to be in a Parisian spin-off of Roman Holiday), much like a fantasy OTT version of the Dior Cherie advert.. with much less riding of bikes, and more men-carrying-my-train.. of course, puddles wouldn't exist in this dream..! perhaps even clutching a generous measure of Cristal champagne..


January Snow Photography

20 January 2010

Well it was certainly that..!
I'm completely swept away with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The snow has turned into a dull, cloudy abyss. Eurgh! Roll on summerrrrrr, indeed!

Here's a little peek at the whole chaotic snow experience then..


This is exactly how I feel right now. If I could crawl into a book and have a wee nap, I would. For now, however, hot chocolate will have to suffice!


A Hosiery Wishlist: Jonathan Aston & Bebaroque

9 January 2010

Bonsoir, mon petit chou! ♥

Going a bit hosiery stir-crazy this week.. probably in a tizzy surrounding;
a) the COLD weather..
b) the fashion industry concentrating their efforts on the "upcoming" spring/summer season (ER, bit soon, chaps? give it a month atleast!) aka the dreaded cross-seasonal dilemma.. tights are always the answer to weird indecisive weather combinations. Back to winter, though, and i'm layering them - sometimes coupled - under jeans to give me a bit more insulation!
Hosiery Tights wishlist

FFFFound: An Inspirational Goldmine

8 January 2010

It was unusually lateeeeeee for me to be up last night - caffeine high + creative overdrive :( However, I've come to the conclusion... when a spurt like this hits, MAKE THE MOST before it all disintegrates into little broken shards of missed opportunity. Blah.

So, ffffound was my saviour. I'd given that site a quick gander now and again in the past, but I now truely understand its mighty power and addictive nature..! A useful tool & stand-in for when Flickr just ain't cuttin' the mustard. It's actually lit an old flame in me for something I had abandoned over the years - art. "AHRTTT". Yeah, that oleee monster. I've always been a visualzzz sort of person, but I've been getting my fix from fashion aesthetics and photography as opposed to any other form of art for a while now.
Having been reminded to incorporate ideas taken from artists into my working file in photography, I thought I better give it a go and see how it goes.

Digressing slightly but, speaking of art, Alexander McQueen's SS10 show, with the fantasy underwater 'Plato's Atlantis' theme, just completely BLEW ME AWAY as I've probably said before. Waited for over an hour to watch it live, and by gum, was I rewarded extravagantly.
Infact, that was the first time I'd ever actually contemplated the story and inspiration behind a show, rather than just admiring it for what it appeared to be and nothing more - shallow or what?!

So that was that, and here's a few of the goodies I've produced, all sourced on ffffound. They're probably going to find a home on my wall this year...
sorry, I couldn't find a credit for some images featured but; shelley reed, whimsy&wonder, francoise nielly, jing zhang, kate larkworthy, lisa solberg


Christmas 2009: Cats & Photography Snippets

3 January 2010

I love The Kinks!
So Santa Claus has been and gone... here's a little illustration of how my festive season has gone (apparently, it was full of cats, presents and food!)
Most picture editing courtesy of my new favourite toy - the "Toy Camera" application. Mainly as Photoshop hates my laptop.
Not included in this batch are the films in development!
Wickedwicked jungle is massiiiiiive...

Apart from that, today I gave my tripod a go in the snow. It's actually getting ridiculous that I have three cameras on me at all times right now..