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2 February 2010

Mbote!  ('Hello' in Lingala!)
Welcome to February - "the new January"

What a week it's been. I'm going to see this girl ^ in May. Buzziiing. So excited!!

So, where's my head at?

Gala Darling has started her "Playgirls' Guide to Radical Self Love" series, and I'm feeling pretty motivated!! Gotta decide which area to work on. I'd imagine it'll be self confidence-based, being one of those frustrating people who won't do something if they know they'll fail. Must. learn..!

♥ I've started a "Happy List" bookmarks folder. If it makes me crack a smile, it goes in the folder!

♥ thing that's wound its way into my smile-enducing folder is.. (cue scream) Printemps' Alice in Wonderland installation. May even cause me to hitchhike all the way to Paris to squash my face to the window and drool. How elegant of me..! I know there's been so much hype over Alice because of Tim Burton's upcoming release but, as you might notice from my blog description, I'm a lifelong fangirl as it is. Lewis Carroll, I love you. I also love Nicholas Kirkwood.. THOSE SHOES ARE THE BOMB, NICHOLAS!! Give them to meeeeee. Plus, Charles Anastase played his part in the installation - one of my favourite designers in the universe, no less.
♥ This Mimi Holliday by Damaris bra is winging its way to me. I guess you're thinking, "Okay, SO..?" I've spent many an hour wondering whether to give in and buy any of the Mimi Holliday range. It's my favourite lingerie brand by a mile, so I'm really excited!
"Lingerie queen Damaris Evans started her eponymous label from her kitchen table in 2001 and her coquettish creations have totally seduced the fashion set. Damaris launched her second line Mimi Holliday by Damaris in 2003, and whilst she incorporates the silk chiffon, lace and ribbon trims, which have become her signature, the pieces are practical enough for everyday wear. The 1950s-inspired polka-dot chiffon sets and signature bow knickers are the essential foundations to any stylish girl's wardrobe." - net-a-porter
♥ Shocking Pink and Red lipsticks by Barry M blended together. Found this idea yesterday when flicking through ASOS mag and had never thought of it before.. so now, I'm constantly rocking a pinky-red rosey lip!

Stella McCartney's new ad is such a cute homely idea. Love @ her!
♥ OLD news, but I can't not mention it because, begrudgingly, I too have fallen for the charms of the overhyped-by-the-fashion-crowd bag.. The Alexa by Mulberry. A gorgeous satchel bag befitting of 'Chung's many descendants, it has one quality most noticeable about it.. practicality, anyone?! It arrived on the 12th of January in a flurry of excitement, but before anyone had time to unzip their expandable purse it was gone. I can imagine it getting even more loveable as the years go by, with a bit of wear in it. SIGH.. well, instead, I'm coveting a similar bag within my grasp! Watch this space...


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