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20 February 2010

Vogue Nippon March '10

Roll on spring..!
I have a biiig queue of things to stick in my blog, so, without further ado..

Cosmic Power Tumblr. I had the 'Horsehead Nebula' as my wallpaper for ages. Infact, speaking of all things universal; space images from 2009 is so mind-expanding. Beautiful!

Alexa Chung's Outfit Blog for Vogue UK
♥ It is a teensy bit addictive to see what she wears on a day to day basis. Jealous? Me..? Never

My Personality by Enneagram Institute. Very well summed up. That site can be really useful to help you, first of all, discover which type you are; see where you're going wrong; harness your personality in the right way. Knowledge is power, etc..!
Ps - yes, I do know I apparently have the same personality type as MJ but... HELLO.. Johnny Depp, anyone...?


Daisy Lowe's 21st Birthday - I've been meaning to post that for a while. How cute did her party theme look?

♥ Other things that make me happy right now: finally committing to making my dreams a reality; being excited to hopefully live in my favourite city! & calming any doubts by writing lists of things I'll be able to do (&google mapping!); strawberry cheesecake ice cream!; the SUN being out as I write this; my new bed - soo comfy!; eastenders & stacey-killing-archie, eek!; my cat, as always; ending pointless relationships which just zap your resources; galaxy hot chocolate with the wee marshmallows, yum; snow falling in the pink hazy sunset; organisation. i've gotten a little ocd crazy with it recently but it makes you feel so accomplished!; taking beautiful photos; trying new things; turquoise nail varnish; weird feelgood dreams + waking up smiling; downing my blueberry vitzzz + lotsa water

Last but not least, my new favourite flowers - Peonies!


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