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20 March 2010

Mothering Sunday
by me

Another millenium since my last post (well, almost three weeks!) so, while I'm taking a breather, I thought I'd load the blog up with some more cute and/or inspiring *stuff* I've discovered over the break. Forgive me for a lack of cohesion! Let's start with some yummy visuals..

The Clothes Horse just posted about the balldancing couple Vernon and Irene Castle. I adore this picture of Irene, aaaah. Dancers have such beautiful presence and posture. My lack of dancing prowess is a billion times jealous! Dancing is a big influence to me right now. Especially the way dancers utilise their outfits in the performance and move across the floor simultaneously. ++ however much you agree with burlesque being a credible form of dance, us ladies could all learn a thing or two from Ms Dita Von Teese!

Cameron Diaz at The Oscars. Woah, dazzling. She looked surprisingly elegant in her glitterbomb-esque number!
How cute is Carey Mulligan? I know Anna Wintour was adamant she wore a mid length gown but, craftily, Carey's lifelong dream of full length and fabulous was still possible due to this Prada dress on her petite frame. Aww. It's gorgeous with all the dainty tool and gem details which keep it looking youthful; I would have chosen that dress had I been offered it! The shoes + the dress + her bleached pixie crop just merged beautifully. Even if she missed out on Best Actress - Best Dressed by a mile!

Shearling Aviator AW10 Burberry Jackets
by JakandJil

Chanel Clogs on the Street -  brave woman!
by JakandJil

Fendi AW10 hair. Most of the time I have a pincurl in my hair, so I'd like to take it up a notch and learn some more vintage hairstyles. This is one I've been trying to master on and off for about a year!
If I'm not sporting half-up half-down pincurl, it's usually this instead. Definitely a sign spring is on its way if I'm practising my plaiting!

Old abandoned shoes worn (and broken-in!!) with socks
by me
Another old favourite - my metal ship necklace. Damaged for 3 years but it's finally been fixed! Ahoyyyy.
by me
Vintage inherited slips under dresses. I sorta like it showing.. OUTRAGE!!!123 It's funny - I always end up back with the reliable pearls too. They used to be my ~trademark fing~ when I was 13.
by me
 Summery berry laden sponge cake. This looks pretty ridiculous photographed but I promise you the taste was heaven on a plate. Green & Blacks white chocolate is a SAINT!
by you guessed it.. moi!

Links etc..
♥ Completely in lust with AnOther Mag. Such good editorials and groundbreakingly creative content. I'm always late on bandwagons (some may call it a result of being stubborn..) so this is probably no surprise to others.

♥ I know every blogger in the world is embedding this and spouting love for it but, heeelloo.. dancing + hula hoops.. YES PLEASE. It looks so much fun. thankyou zooey for being adorable.

♥ I couldn't have done a springtime-excitement post as good as Krisatomic!
this furry creature IS AMAZING

♥ How much do you really know yourself? Henrik Edberg's Positivity Blog has so many excellent reads. Oldie but a goodie. If you're having trouble with something or want to become more productive with your days, I'd give his archives a quick gander. So good.

♥ Slash has created his own iTunes playlist. Lovelove Slash!

I never usually include what I'm listening to but.. the right now:

♥ Sound & Vision - David Bowie (every day haha)
♥ back into Lykke Li. Especially Dance Dance Dance and Possibility.
♥ Crystallised - The XX. obvious, but damn good atmospheric music.
♥ Landed - Ben Folds. 6music resurrected this for me!
♥ O.N.E - Yeasayer. Not my usual but happyhappy
♥ There There - Radiohead
♥ Hold On - Friendly Fires. BEST!

Until next time, folks!

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