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1 March 2010

Just little sparkly gems twirling 'round my noggin..

My Cinderella-esque dress
Alexa Chung in Chanel at the Elle Style Awards. Dream awards outfit!!
Christopher Kane's antique florals & lace
Dip dyed hair which I'll be rocking when spring comes around
by Garance Doré (my favourite blog)

The magic in crisp winter sunsets
both by me

fanciful fairytale
Polyvore set by me
Dream events (I'm really up for the challenge now!).. what's in your dream event? I've never been the type of girl who ~plans her wedding~ and such like, but on sight of a white grecian Marchesa creation - definitely the designer i'd wear to the Oscars! - on Net-a-Porter, I went into Dream Overload ! Plus, when else would you justify a pair of Swarovski-encrusted Louboutins.. + Paul Weller (the much-deserved winner of the Godlike Genius award at the 2010 NME Awards) performing...


Emily Henson magenta doors

Dinner parties of dreams.. (a pattern emerging..)

Anna Sui's apartment.. especially the regal peacock perched on her dresser!

.. much like this one! Not sure where I acquired this photo, sorry. I'm officially on the lookout for a (faux) peacock when I'm older! Obsessed. Favourite animal along with pandas!
Forts. Mum was telling me of the times she used to build me forts in the garden in summer, where i'd just thread daisy chains and play all day. Of course, indoor forts are more appealing this side of summer!

Yep, still a sucker for a good stopmotion video. This one, created by a photographer couple, is so cute and admirable.


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