ASOS I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down..

15 April 2010

 This is my new baby :)
adopted from ASOS
obviously not as "buttery soft" as the infamous Mulberry design, but DAMN CLOSE..

Avril ou April?

14 April 2010

If I'm not blogging it's because I've screwed my arm up. Well done, Laura!

But Easter was lovely. Chocolate + pubbing + long journeys = good Easter. Got to catch up with someone I missed for a long gossip, serious military style shoppiiiiiing and a Pantera/MJ/Muse-fest so I'm pretty upbeat. Kinda living off caffeine in mega exhaustion but it's all starting to slot together now.

In a couple of weeks onwards, I'll have zzzziiiillions to think about but I'll try and fit some posts in beforehand.

For now, here are some french girls I am decidedly envious of..

The Cherry Blossom Girl
...perhaps because of the inclusion of cherry blossoms! Ours aren't out yet.. take me back to beautiful Paris!