Flights of Floaty Fancy

14 May 2010

A little under the weather today, so I'm cheering myself up by scouring sites full of beautiful elegant clothing - as y'do.
For the past year or so I've become enamored by delicate, sheer chiffons and silks; lingerie detailing and light-as-a-feather slip dress styles. This is probably apparent by my habit of posting updates based around lingerie.. ha.
Like any fashion-loving girl, I dream of one day being fitted for that perfect dress - hand-crafted and moulded around your body, as if in your own personally-tailored cocoon of fabulousness.... mmm! This was definitely instilled in me by seeing Jane's - Sea of Shoes' - pictures of her Chanel Haute Couture dress fitting for her Parisian debutante ball. Dreamlike indeed.
..Cue Polyvore set! 

Floaty Elegance 

My Fanciful Dress Designers of Dreams:
♥ Lanvin
♥ Marchesa
♥ Donna Karan
♥ Charles Anastase
♥ Stella McCartney
♥ Roksanda Illincic
♥ Valentino

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