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13 May 2010

What am I loving, hearting, embracing - etc etc! - this week, you might well ask?

Slightly, massively mirroring Ms Darling today as I fancied reassuring myself in the same manner that this week has been atleast somewhat productive and loverrly!

Iced Caffe Lattes - my favourite midweek pick-me-up!
Sex and the City 2 anticipation. NO JOKE, every time the trailer appears on the telly I get butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Hello 2010 converting me because of watching series 1 & 2 so far. When it was still on TV, I only ever watched one of the final episodes where Samantha has cancer. I was far too young! I sneaked a glance when my parents weren't home (around the time I used to also experiment with their drinks cabinet when home alone..!)
Blossoming trees & vividly coloured fields The fields are all sunshine yellow & green, and the blossomy trees are all candyfloss pink and white. If the weather's not always holding out, atleast the yummy colours are a reminder that summer's on its way!
Swim-gear I bought a real, actual, PROPER swimsuit yesterday. I haven't had to do that for many a year, but I've got to have one for the spa shenanigans next month so I'm holding my breath (and sucking in tightly) in the hope I don't look too ridiculous. As always with me, I made sure I retained my fashion integrity by getting it from ASOS. Vanity y'say..? Nay..
iTunes hunting Believe it or not, I was once a bonafide musical geek. Weird fact: I started reading the NME when I was 10 - even before my fellow lasses were reading Mizz. Of course, this may sound all awesome and smug but it actually developed a brief love affair with Coldplay.. damnit, you wouldn't believe I had all those musical genes in me! So, many years - and phases.. dear God I've had 'em all - later, and I've retreated back into the musical abyss; a land of vague CSS (who?) references and the desperate clinging to forgotten indie bands of the noughties. GIVE ME CREDIBILITY, ITUNES! But no Ellie Goulding & co. Thanks.
.. on that note, Sheffield's Slow Club are rocking my boat right now. They supported Florence last week - stepping in for The Drums. The girl drummer, Rebecca, is the girl a lot of us would wanna be.. not least for her self-depricating humour. E.g. "I fell asleep on the train up here - face down on a table. I woke up and looked like I had two mangled faces, like that dude in Star Wars. Not a good sight for the men around me.."
Planning for the Future That was not a premature forethought for pensions and SAGA holidays, no no.. September is on its way and I've got masses to arrange. Stressed and exhausted. I'm feverishly composing emails in search of the perfect placement, and a few little risky endeavours.. I'll keep y'posted. It's all VERY 'CITIN' though ;)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on DVD. Aceaceace.
Thorntons Caramel Shortcake aaaah, these are falling victim to my hungry eyes right now. Have mercy on my bikini bod (.. DON'T LAUGH!!!!!).
Gossip Girl well.. as always. DANANDSERENAFOREVA+EVA. ("IDST" - school flashbacks. woah.)

Ch-ch-cheeeeerio xoxo

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