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9 May 2010


First off, this week has been full of POLITICAL DRAMAZZZ. It's angered me too much so I've just decided to avoid it for my own sanity, haha. If I start on my views on this I'll never stop!
Let's all just hope the country sorts itself out for the good of us all, and pronto..

Here comes the linktrainnnnnnnnnnnn..

Laetitia Casta as Brigitte Bardot. She looks so stunningly similar, woah
"Who has David Cameron been talking to?" This is a satisfyingly good gadget/stab at his *anecdotes*.
♥ I loveee Roberta Furlanetto. Think I found this via Style Bubble
"Oh My Gaga!" is now an expression in Chinese youth culture. Proof Ms Gaga rules the earth right now..!
Paris has a sewing cafe.. Cue envy.
♥ I love Kris Atomic's daily routine photos on Design for Mankind. Her moggy is so cute.
♥ Erin Fetherston shows us how to DIY a headband. She is one of my favouriite and best dressed designers so this is a treat I will no doubt be carrying out.
♥ I love this post on 'Jumpology' by Philippe Halsman. Makes you SO happy :) Not least because Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are featured jumping for joy..
♥ I know everyone has blogged about the Miu Miu wonder shoes, practically yeears ago, but I didn't at the time. So, here's an old post from The Cherry Blossom Girl I forgot to put on the blog. Cute.

♥ This completely amazed me..

♥ did this! How awesome does BeyoncĂ© look in her new video? I'm not sure about the song but the styling sure makes up for it! Likin' her new 50s direction..

'At'll do nicely xoxo

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