19 May 2010

♥ yay, old White Stripes music. I heart Karen Elson.

If I was spending.. (which I'm NOT..)
All Topshop

Clockwise from top:
Chiffon Rose Waistcoat - £28
Chiffon Blouse by Boutique - £40
Tulle Trench Coat - £80
Floral Canvas Backpack - £36
Round Sunglasses - £18
Bug Ring - £8
Wooden Gladiator Sandals - £75
Oversize Striped Dress - £35

Sophie's Miu Miu DIY!

♥ Lady Gaga's Live Showstudio Interview - I just paid £1.50 for this 2-hour extravaganza on Sunday 30th May (ahead of her O2 gig).. the way I see it (justify it) is that; I'd pay this to read substandard dullsville interviews in ragmags, so why not watch a really excellent video interview instead. Plus, I loved the Alexander McQueen interview last year via Showstudio. Ooo excited. WHATWILLSHEWEAR???

I'm off again. Too many people to keep happy at once today errrgh..
OH, Gossip Girl tonight, though!

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