Tattoo inspiration

30 July 2010

I love the Bird Print Kimono Dress Topshop just dropped online. Pure 100% silk - luxurious '20s Hollywood glamourpuss ahoy! But, most enchantingly, it is the perfect inspiration for my tattoo right now. So, for the past year I've had a shaky grasp on what I'd like my one-and-only(?) tattoo to look like (but, I'm not allowing myself the chance to get it done until after I graduate and am more mature and controlled, haha). I'd like a bird, for sure. A dainty garden bird like a blue tit (s'cuse the obvious connotations). It reminds me of myself, my heritage and my future, where I've come from and where I'm going - the sky's the limit. Basically, it's completely appropriate and I think even my grandmother would agree (begrudgingly).

I was searching for inspiration a couple of days ago online but everything looks so fake and one-dimensional. I want something realistic, full of colour and detail (am I a serial masochist?! Ouch). Simple in its form but strikingly vivid. Something I can cherish forever and always find symbolism and strength in, at whichever stage of life.

I deviate from the average young tattoo dreamer; a five second romance with an obscure lyric or artwork would normally do the trick. Infact, I'm old-fashioned and feminine. We do, however, share one key belief - "your body is a canvas"!

How lovely is the Alice in Wonderland tattoo? I had a chance encounter with this one!

Various sources (Google Images)



MK & Ashley
Unknown editorial ?

Gap 'Premium Pants'

27 July 2010


Today, Gap have released their 'Premium Pants' collection- and what perfect timing! The range is within the bracket of £35-45, and focuses on the perfect leg attire for any occasion - at premium quality. At the moment, I'm compiling potential outfits for my work placement but have realised I only own one good pair of black peg trousers I feel comfy and professional in. This has prompted a manic episode of "trouser browsing" for the past week, with strong self-justification in the need for black, navy, khaki, stone..... all the colours of the trouser colour spectrum. Indeed. However, I'm going to have to settle for navy. I'd love to look as kickass & slick as Hanne Gaby Odiele in the above photo but, I really don't think heeled platform boots would look entirely appropriate under such circumstances. Ha. 

Here's a selection of some favourites..


26 July 2010

Which clan are you in? Folk, Rocker, Preppy or 'Yuppie' (Poor Little Rich Girl..)?
I'd say between Folk and Preppy.

you exist, & it is extraordinary

"everything changes & it’s exciting & lovely & such an alluring part of life. everything happens for some reason. everything will work out & it will be such a beautiful ending to an adventurous tale. when things feel awful it’s hard to see the outcome. it’s hard to stay positive & stretch our limbs to the sky each day. people leave, we leave, & it’s always hard because you think: why didn’t they love me? what did i do wrong? do they care? what about me? & you let those questions, each question, hollow you out a little more until your body is the heaviest hollow there could be. you can feel the question, each question, ache in different parts. why didn’t they love me, how could they love someone more? it aches in your belly, keeps you from eating. what did i do wrong? your constant retelling of every moment spent together, analyzing, it aches your whole skull. do they care? the thought that they don’t care, that they don’t think about your needs or worries or wants, well that aches in all the limbs. these aches make us weak, they keep us in bed fearing sleep. they keep us from telephones, from computers, from friends. because ‘why did they leave, why did they leave me?’   we are self centered by nature. people exist in our lives because they are meant to. each person, lovely or awful. they exist for exactly the amount of time they should. they teach us things. little things, extraordinary things about ourselves, our lives, the everything around us. that doesn’t make it easier to say good bye. it doesn’t make it easier to think that they have finished their task, made you stronger, & we must be strong. we must be strong. you exist, & it is extraordinary."
- You Are Remarkable

Abbey Lee

Vogue Germany August 2010
I, like most fashion fans right now, adore Abbey Lee!

Alexa for L'Officiel

Scans via effyeahalexachung

Christopher Kane Resort '11
Astronomical and otherworldly. This strikes a chord with my inner astronomy geek. Horse Nebula anyone?



Russh Mag

Reminds me of an NY 'Roman Holiday'. Love. It.

Orla Kiely AW10

Pretty much my style combined with a little extra vintage charm. Cute cute cute. I love the knit cardis, peter pan collars, playsuits, navy/rust/mustard palette, socks and heels and sailor stripes.


Beehive Rockin'

Elle Sweden
'Mad Men' + Beehives = FASHION RESULT (I love fashmatics)

Hardware and Masculinity

John Galliano

I've finally got my laptop back in working order after it went crazy on me - but, I had to sacrifice my entire collection of art/style/interior/food folders. BAD times. Alas, y'live, y'learn an' all that. I finally have an external hard-drive so hopefully I'll never have to endure the torture again. My Google Reader has salvaged a lot of the good stuff so, in the mean time, here's a stack of updates I've been meaning to do. 30 saved articles full of awesomeness has allowed for this!

Loving the Mens' Fashion Month posts on Jak and Jil. The hardware and tailoring are my favourite things about mens' fashion. I'm seriously a tailoring geek, actually. Savile Row eat your heart out.
 John Galliano

John Galliano is, quite rightfully, a godlike genius of the fantasy fashion world. If McQueen was the riotous rock star prince, Galliano is the King. I've never been very up on the mens' seasonal collections so this is all very new to me, but gosh - he looks in his element with this one! The first image made me think CHARLIE. CHAPLIN instantly ?
Another mens' collection I've been silently appreciative of is Paul Smith's current SS10 mens' collection with inspiration from the 'Congolese dandies'. It's so vivid and gave me lots of inspiration from an unlikely source - men in the Congo who dress impeccably within poor shanty conditions. So so good. It gives you a bit of perspective on looking good, that's for sure.
Gentlemen of Bacongo - (article by Paul Smith)
More photos here.
Here's some hardware to get your teeth into!
Dries Van Noten
Stunning "manbags", I reckon.


Sepia Tones

7 July 2010

The inimitable Grace Kelly

I realised the other day, when sifting through a stack of old fashion photos, a striking similarity between Grace Kelly's posture and presence - as well as elegantly coiffed hair and regal smile - and that of my beautiful grandmother, Edith Marjorie (don't call her Edith/Edie though! She was known simply as Marjorie). 
I've never written about her before, anywhere. Her existance and legacy seems to be living on throughout the years in me and my family's memories, private or otherwise. I was around 9 years old when she passed away. Despite this, my memories of her are vivid and strong - much like herself. I still smell her perfume, and the scent of it on a passing stranger feels immediate and empowering. I still hear her chuckle, and classic English accent ushering us into her home. I still remember her. And, I still see these traits glimmering in my own father now and again.
My favourite memories of my grandmother are varied, but one which sticks out in my mind is the comforting sight - on throwing my school bag down and leaping into a chair - of her, nursing an elegant china teacup, engrossed in a particularly thrilling game at Wimbledon. I guess that's why, at this time of the year, her absence is felt most strongly.
I was a bubbly, adventurous child and, looking back, my unnerving childlike bolshiness in her presence is quite hilarious really. She would let me run wild, partnered-in-crime by Rachel, at the summer garden party, dancing and prancing around in our best party dresses. Actually, I recently revisited my grandparents' former home after many years away, and am cheered to see the house still continues this summer party tradition even now.

She was, and is, many things to many people, but everyone who knew her shares a mutual memory of her warmth and charm. I could never do her justice in any written piece, but this is for her. I'll never meet anyone as innately beautiful as you ever again, and that's why you're My Heroine.
Sweet Dreams, Marjorie