Hardware and Masculinity

26 July 2010

John Galliano

I've finally got my laptop back in working order after it went crazy on me - but, I had to sacrifice my entire collection of art/style/interior/food folders. BAD times. Alas, y'live, y'learn an' all that. I finally have an external hard-drive so hopefully I'll never have to endure the torture again. My Google Reader has salvaged a lot of the good stuff so, in the mean time, here's a stack of updates I've been meaning to do. 30 saved articles full of awesomeness has allowed for this!

Loving the Mens' Fashion Month posts on Jak and Jil. The hardware and tailoring are my favourite things about mens' fashion. I'm seriously a tailoring geek, actually. Savile Row eat your heart out.
 John Galliano

John Galliano is, quite rightfully, a godlike genius of the fantasy fashion world. If McQueen was the riotous rock star prince, Galliano is the King. I've never been very up on the mens' seasonal collections so this is all very new to me, but gosh - he looks in his element with this one! The first image made me think CHARLIE. CHAPLIN instantly ?
Another mens' collection I've been silently appreciative of is Paul Smith's current SS10 mens' collection with inspiration from the 'Congolese dandies'. It's so vivid and gave me lots of inspiration from an unlikely source - men in the Congo who dress impeccably within poor shanty conditions. So so good. It gives you a bit of perspective on looking good, that's for sure.
Gentlemen of Bacongo - (article by Paul Smith)
More photos here.
Here's some hardware to get your teeth into!
Dries Van Noten
Stunning "manbags", I reckon.


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