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30 July 2010

I love the Bird Print Kimono Dress Topshop just dropped online. Pure 100% silk - luxurious '20s Hollywood glamourpuss ahoy! But, most enchantingly, it is the perfect inspiration for my tattoo right now. So, for the past year I've had a shaky grasp on what I'd like my one-and-only(?) tattoo to look like (but, I'm not allowing myself the chance to get it done until after I graduate and am more mature and controlled, haha). I'd like a bird, for sure. A dainty garden bird like a blue tit (s'cuse the obvious connotations). It reminds me of myself, my heritage and my future, where I've come from and where I'm going - the sky's the limit. Basically, it's completely appropriate and I think even my grandmother would agree (begrudgingly).

I was searching for inspiration a couple of days ago online but everything looks so fake and one-dimensional. I want something realistic, full of colour and detail (am I a serial masochist?! Ouch). Simple in its form but strikingly vivid. Something I can cherish forever and always find symbolism and strength in, at whichever stage of life.

I deviate from the average young tattoo dreamer; a five second romance with an obscure lyric or artwork would normally do the trick. Infact, I'm old-fashioned and feminine. We do, however, share one key belief - "your body is a canvas"!

How lovely is the Alice in Wonderland tattoo? I had a chance encounter with this one!

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  1. I thought I'd commented on this post! I have a bird cage tattoo! Theres pics of it under my tags :)


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