Stranger things happen on Hallowe'en..!

31 October 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!
 Betty Grable
Haven't visited my own blog in a long long time; just over two months it seems!? So, I reckon it's time for an update on my life, even if it is less than cute as my previous posts have tended to be. Maybe I'll revert back to posting all the lovely things I still collect (in the hope one day I'll have time to sit down & post them)..

A lot has been going on -
♥ I've moved to a new city
♥ Gained a lovely new bunch of friends
♥ Gotten a pretty ~high profile~ job
♥ Gotten obscenely drunk and discovered I am definitely the creep magnet
♥ Spent far too many £1s on iced starbucks lattes at lunch
♥ Bought The Greatest Winter Boots™
♥ Gained three flatmates
♥ Procrastinated but, overall enjoyed/ing my course


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