Happy Birthday...

25 November 2010

 ...to me! Hip hip!
I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here but I am SUPER excited for today's (and tomorrow's) celebrations. Litres of alcohol will be consumed and there is a strong possibility I will fall in my heels. But, does it matter when you have an obnoxiously large pink birthday badge on?! Ha!
It's been a stressful and adventurous 24 hours. I woke up drained yesterday morning, only to face a gruelling 12 hour day of studying and coffee. Then, after I arrived back at the flat, ready to slump in my pyjamas and drink wine, the electricity completely cut out so I had to reluctantly come home.. I guess it's quite comforting I woke up here on my birthday though. Especially so when there's a snowstorm occuring right now.

Hoping to be out for a bit of Christmas revelry & cheer tonight but, if not, there's always tomorrow!

Love Love xoxo

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