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15 December 2011

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans Lyrics

I've been kinda entranced by Lana Del Rey for a good month or so now, and she's just released the much-hyped video accompaniment to her single Born to Die. I know she's become a bit of an internet sensation based on a couple of songs but her album, entitled with the same name, is out in January.  I think the rest of it will be just as good if previous singles Video Games and Blue Jeans are anything to go by.
I read in Vogue UK the other day (which I only bought because of Florence Welch gracing the cover, ahem..) a description of her as having a bit of "screen siren" about her, but she herself describes her style as “Ghetto Monesgeque”. I would attempt to decode that but I'll probably fail miserably. And it would only ruin the magic..
She's definitely quite captivating anyway, and I'm 100% sure that's because of her mysterious pouty (collagen-enhanced???) cool-kid aura as well as the soulful voice.

Ps - I'm rather excitable at the mo, given the Christmas spirit! 

♥ Just sent away my Bloggers' Secret Santa parcel on Monday, so I'm hoping it gets there in one piece and my santee is pleased! I'm equally excited to see what my own Santa has chosen for me. I'm sure it will be brilliant :) Not going to open it until the big day though, but I'll do a wee blog post afterwards!

♥ Have just arranged our gang's New Years' Eve plans so hopefully the weather stays sane until January atleast, although it would be nice to get a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve..!

Pps - I've created a wee Winter playlist on Spotify which is really all about She & Him, Sufjan Stevens, Sinatra, Gaga & Bublé (of course) but there are a couple of other people thrown in there for good measure. Gonna add to it as Christmas gets closer!

Ppps - too many Ps', but is it just me who is ridiculously excited to do the annual Christmas food shop and forget healthy eating for a week? Uh oh, I can see myself regretting this when my jeans don't fit come 1st January..


Shake It Out

30 November 2011

Sinking back into winter now.. I'm currently curled up on my bed "revising" after a big weekend! It was my birthday night out on Friday so it was bound to be full of food & drink & general merriment.. Now it's back to the books and revision hell. Groan..

Thought I'd do a wee write-up of my day in the 'burgh!

I started off at 3 o'clock with Afternoon Tea at Tigerlily with my parents; my favourite place in Edinburgh. It was top-notch and I would definitely go back again for another wee 'Tigerlily Tea' in future. As well as scoffing ridiculous amounts of mini sandwiches, cakes & pink champers, I ordered a pot of Jasmine tea! I've always wanted to try out the flowering tea, as a green tea obsessive, and it didn't disappoint. It was less bitter than your average green tea and so easy to drink. Think they were filming something in there as there was a TV camera roaming about..? Hopefully my delirious food face wasn't captured for all to see..


When I rocked up back at the flat afterwards, my flatmates had blown up loads of balloons, tied them around the place and presented me with a cupcake to blow the candles out on (n.b. read the packet before buying said candles as ours was apparently one of those relighting candles which led to a lot of confusion hahaha!) Cutest.

Had dinner at Le Monde later on with the girls, which was also a lovely experience. Even got a little candle on my creme brulee! Would definitely go back. We received great service and my steak pie was epic, mmm!
This was followed by a fair amount of drinking, dancing & attempting to avoid the gale-force winds and rain. Thanks, Scotland.. I'll add more photos to this when I get them!

Discovery of the night: if you point at your birthday badge, you will probably get your own way 99% of the time. WIN.

And finally, I met this rather handsome chap outside the Picture House..

TAYLOR HANSON, anyone..? "Hi Taylor, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY" haha!


Edinburgh's Christmas: Winter Wonderland

27 November 2011

Evening! Got some posts lined up before I focus on uni stuff for a wee while..

So, Thursday night was the Light Night launch of Winter Wonderland in Princes Street Gardens. Me and a friend popped along to sample the German market, soak in the atmosphere and take some photos! There was lots of bagpiping, enticing foody/christmassy smells and fairy lights, tinsel & glitter. Suffice to say, I loved it as much as ever! Think my exact words as I skipped along to the entrance (ha) were "it's like Disneyland!!". Actual child. I usually go along every year as it always coincides with my birthday.

I'm sure we'll be back again soon to take on the ice rink and Bubblepods..! And we definitely need to get some waffles next time, yum.

 Snow Queen pyrotechnics

 Hahah we were so bad at acting ~casual~ during this TV link..

Back next to write about my birthday which was the following day! Been a pretty exhausting week; I've barely scraped by on 3 hours sleep!

My Blogger Heroines

24 September 2011

I've been a busy bee recently! I've just moved into my new flat and got started again with studying..
This year is looking epic but I'm really comfy with my new flatmates, which is always a bonus. Lots of late nights chatting rubbish & going on "secret missions" have ensued.. haha. I love 'em lots. xo

I thought I'd just compile a list of my current favourite blogs; the blogs which make me smile the most when I see their updates. Not in any order, but all equally interesting in their own ways.

Naomi from The Rockstar Diaries. Photo copyright to The Rockstar Diaries.
I get so excited when I see a new post by Naomi on my Bloglovin! Her enthusiasm is contagious and it cheers up a bad day almost instantly. She's a married mama from Washington DC with the cutest little girl called Eleanor & a pup called Kingsley. Always has a smile on her face, even through stressy mother times, and I love how she can put together an effortless outfit and look awesome in a Zooey Deschanel way. Seriously, this is like sunshine in blog form. Addictive.

Kristina from Kris Atomic. Photo copyright to Kris Atomic.
I think everyone has seen some of Kris' photography skillzzz by now. She can make anything look beautiful, which is obviously something all budding photographers aspire to! She's also a fully-fledged illustrator & has probably the wildest but cutest cat ever in Matilda (above). If you want some good photos of LFW SS12 goings-on, go to her recent LFW-centric blog. Really inspiring stuff. One day I'm gonna buy one of her prints too, I swear!

Garance from Garance Doré. Photo copyright to The Sartorialist.
Garance is the partner of Scott from The Sartorialist, making them a power couple in fashion terms..
Ignoring the obvious fame that's given her, she has the sweetest way of seeing the world, in her quintessential French way. Always witty and sometimes self-deprecating but, like Naomi, she always has a huge grin on her face. I love her photography & illustrations, and I love her writing even more.

Sarah from Yes and Yes. Photo copyright to Yes and Yes.
Sarah Von has been around the world probably a million times, doing things most of us will only dream of. She, or her guest writers, write regular travel features on destinations across the world & to-do lists that feature things like "drink Absinthe" or "go water-skiing". She's recently returned from a trip to India & New Zealand which was well written about in her previous posts, with really interesting insights. I wanna make sure I have a little Sarah Von courage in me when I'm her age!

Gisèle from The Goddess Guide. Photo/Illustrations copyright to The Goddess Guide.
Gisele has been a constant source of inspiration for me since before I even joined Twitter (hence why she's one of my first followers haha! aw). She deserves an honorable mention for her books which make my bookshelves look pretty and my eyeballzz get a load of pretty too. Ever since early 2007 when I spotted her first one in an airport, I've been smitten! Also, she's a backer of the Save BBC4 campaign which I totally support, AND gets access to all the best fashion shows..! Sorted.

Brenna from This Battered Suitcase. Photo copyright to This Battered Suitcase.
I've followed Brenna's travel adventures for the best part of a year, and she's seemingly had some extraordinary moments during the course of her 6 years travelling. She even lived in Edinburgh at one stage. Her photos and videos from life on the road are brilliant, and the stories are often really funny and life-affirming. I especially love when she goes for it and tries the weirdest foods imaginable!

Selina from Flying Saucer. Photo copyright to Lora English.
Selina is pretty famous nowadays in the blogosphere, but truly deserving of it, and she's not let any of it go to her head. Speaking of which, she has the best hair ever & has such a distinctive style! Her shopping haul videos & posts are really fun and have inspired me to buy a few items in the past. She's on her way up, working for Motel and continuing to write the blog in her spare time. Lovely!

Claire from French for Cupcake. Photo copyright to French for Cupcake.
I can't even remember when I started following Claire's blog, but it was ageees ago. She has pretty much the same taste as me in things so it's been amazing to see what she wears next. She usually includes a musical accompaniment to her posts in terms of her favourite song at that moment, which is a nice quirk. Properly jealous of her baking skills too. AND her tattoos, which are especially brilliant. In addition to that blog, she writes a blog based on her studies in film & feminism, The Feminist Gaze.

Rani from Cupcake Couture. Photo copyright to Cupcake Couture.
An Edinburgh-based blogger, I've followed Rani's blog for quite a while now. She always has the best recommendations for places to go in the 'burgh and writes lots of hidden gem beauty reviews, crafty things & baking recipes. She's definitely a breath of fresh air. You can actually relate to the things she writes about, unlike some haute couture Sea of Shoes-esque blogs. Aside for that, she has a really cute cat called Audrey, aww.

Alix from I Covet Thee. Photo copyright to I Covet Thee.
Relatively new as a blogger, she's already gained hundreds of followers, and I think that's mostly to do with the fact her blog feels FRESH. It's really appealing to log on and see the way she lays her posts out, with really simple, informative reviews on beauty products she's using and things she's.. coveting(?!). Some blogs can have a messy, ad-ridden page which puts me off reading them, but hers is lovely. She has a really natural way with style and design & is definitely one to watch.

Carrie from WishWishWish. Photo copyright to WishWishWish
Carrie is huuuugely popular nowadays and continues to get better & grow with each post. Her life is a continuous carousel of loveliness! She studies fashion in Laandan, and is a massive Mulberry fan, which is not a shock given her Somerset roots. I think my favourite posts of hers are the annual Glasto photos & the Mulberry shows. Kinda want to shake my fists at the way she manages to nab all the best vintage clothing though. Bad times..

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I'm currently on a Blogger update; trying to find new blogs to read! Need to have more inspiration in my life! I think now I'm settled back in the city I'm going to bring my Nikon up and do a wee bit more photography too, as that hobby has been put on the backburner of late & it helps me stay sane!


J Crew Fall/Winter 2011

31 July 2011

Right, I think I'm starting to obsess over J.Crew lookbooks, aka "Looks We Love". Anything with bright block colouring & a preppy feel is like catnip for me. If only I was on American shores!! The flow of photos from Facebook friends' Camp America adventures is not helping! Atleast the news that J.Crew will launch online in the UK sometime this Summer is helping me feel a bit less gutted.

Here's a few images I've collected of their Fall/Winter collection via StyleCaster & Fabsugar;

A Wishlist: H&M Home and Topshop

25 July 2011

Hello! Here's a wee wishlist :)

I've been on a bed linen haul recently and bought this duvet cover in the H&M sale. It's so beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't take it back with me to the flat in September because it won't fit my bed :( Wasn't gonna pass it up though! I'll probably love it forever.


From Clockwise Top Left: Graphic Pillowcase | 'You Look Nice' Pillowcase | Bunny Dress | Corsage Dress | Mustard Dress | Fedora Hat | Swallow Dress 

I love love love the rest of the H&M Home range. Pretty cheap and stunning. Gonna pick up some more pillows for my room asap. Also, the electric blue fedora would look really good with the mustard dress and my black & white coat in the winter!

I'll be back with an update on what I've been buying shortly.

(Someone please tell the sun to stay out for longer than 2 minutes. I am sick of rotating summer/autumn clothes!!)


Photographer Spotlight: Elena Kalis

10 June 2011

Studded Hearts just posted about Elena Kalis' photography. Looking into her Portfolio further, I remembered from the homepage image that I've come across her underwater images before.
Using the environment of the underwater world to depict fantasy scenes, she has created projects in the past with such titles as 'Alice in Waterland' and 'Fair Ladies'. Simply brilliant.


On my travels I came across a similar underwater photographer, British-based Phoebe Rudomino. How good is this image, below?! I'd love to know how she got this one. It's like Tim Walker if he lived in a pineapple under the sea.. (ahem)

For more underwater photography imagery, see Underwater in Art.
All images/video footage copyright to their respective owners.

Alexa by Ellen von Unwerth

9 June 2011

Alexa Chung was shot by Ellen von Unwerth for June's issue of Vogue Italia.
This reminds me of a British witches n' warlocks tale. Lots of British heritage with the tartan prints, country garden, boat-rowing & pea coats (and, in a further image, with a tobacco pipe in her mouth, sherlock style..??). Not my favourite shoot by Ellen von Unwerth but I like the idea..
Images via The Style Caster