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13 January 2011

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The 'New Year' image by LF has been my desktop wallpaper since the new year began. 'Keeps your mind focused on fun times ahead when all you see outside is dank and dreary!

I was thinking today; I've read soo many articles/comments by people desperate for a new magazine. So many attempts buying new reads but nothing compares anymore. The '90s with its era of Elle Girl & the rest spoilt us silly. I really want to read something full of life & vibrancy - I only seem to buy a mag these days if it has some random HAPPY(!!!!1) article with random suggestions for raising a smile on a rainy day. Probably sounds like I'm a depressing, boring person who needs help but I genuinely love reading all those stories of fortune & moments of youthful adventure, and I think everyone else does too.
Fashion mags? Nah. Even Vogue's gone downhill, whilst raising its already inflated price. Lula's not cutting the mustard anymore either. I went through that godawful phase of reading Artrocker about 4 years ago, following a long stint in the NME, and a teeny-bopper flirt with Kerrang!.. Nope, it's all been done. The closest I've come to anything near this dream of a magazine is Company. But it's not quite right.
Blog-wise, I used to love updates by Gala Darling (the Queen of Self-lovin' to the masses), but these days it's like watching Skins... you only do it because you already started, and it's the same thing constantly recycled in a different guise, for people blinded by the lights you used to follow yourself. Where are all the good blogs?! May be a good time to start a fresh search.

In other news, I spent the first two weeks of 2011 skint and resentful of my festive decisions (damn you, yule log & Baileys!). But now it's getting to mid-January and thoughts turn to the reality of a blank calendar & filling it up. I'm reeeally excited just staring at it (um, not the exam dates obviously). Got a few plans in the pipeline; some of which I have to work up the nerve to achieve, but that's what makes them the most interesting..


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