15 January 2011

 Hedi Slimane. This is how my hair looks 98% of the time.
W Magazine's Film Special looks so good - slick and modern. My favourite image is Colin Firth having a KISS moment.. maybe because I have a big crush on him. Mr Darcy once more..

 Life Magazine ballet dancers via Krisatomic

 How good does Scarlett Johansson look in the new Moet & Chandon adverts? So much for divorce!? Amazingly, I guessed by just looking at them: TIM WALKER. Gave it a wee check and was right - he's the ultimate photographer to me (fan girl!). The ladder image just gives it away.

 Trini Gonzalez' blog is my new source of style inspiration - pretty much everything she wears (hair, makeup, the lot!?) is just as I'd wear it if I had her resources! But she also wears mostly High Street, which makes her a lot more accessible than other blogs like Sea of Shoes. Ah, makes you wanna go shopping..

 These are some Sartorialist images I've saved since 2011 began. The first image of the man's collar just captured me. It's so striking and feels like some kinda wartime aviator shot. Love!

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