50 Things That Remind Me of Summer

16 April 2011

 1. Friends. Being around your closest at the most relaxing time of the year, preferably with a glass of wine in the sunshine, sunbathing & chatting rubbish = best!
2. The scent of sea air, the breeze on your hair and the sand in your toes
3. Fish & Chips.. traditional but a must!
4. Wearing sun dresses & making more of an effort with being girlie
5. BBQs - on the beach, in your garden.. once the sun's out, alfresco dining is in!

6. Garden parties with extra bunting and cupcakes - any excuse, really.
7. Beer gardens. No explanation required.
8. Actually watching sports and taking an interest. For some reason, football seems more appealing when it's in the summer..
9. Reading that pile of books you've been meaning to get through!
10. Looking your glowing, golden best (whether it's out of a bottle or not..)

11. Camping! Not to everyone's taste, but the idea of living outdoors in a tent for a few days is one of my favourite things about summer
12. .. Infact, this is most apparent at FESTIVALS. Now, it's not a British summer without them, and they're one of the best ways to spend your free time. Some of my fondest memories were garnered at cultural festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and music festivals such as Reading & Leeds. Not to be missed!
13. Waking up extra early with the sun pouring through your curtains, and not having to get out of bed while it's still dark & dreary!
14. The serotonin boost from spending time in the sunshine.. & getting your Vitamin D dose!
15. Watermelon. SO addictive & gorgeous.
16. Outdoor lanterns and fairy lights twinkling on a summer's evening
17. Cycling! Especially with a retro bike and a little straw basket
18. That first whiff of sun-tan lotion.. intoxicating!
19. Schoooooool's out for summer, etc. No matter how old I'll get, I'll still always do that frustrating countdown 'til the end of June.
20. Summer romances.. there's nothing like the feeling of a summer romance. Quick to fall and quick to end, but never forgotten. Often reminisced with Grease singalongs!

21. Travel. Maybe not the greatest time of the year to travel, given the fact airports/stations are packed with people thinking the same thing! But the sigh of relief when you arrive at your destination and can immerse yourself in a new culture/environment for a little while is unrivalled.
22. .. on that note, SWIMWEAR SHOPPING. I found this little guide showing how vintage swimwear suits different body shapes. Looking like Marilyn/Betty Page is totally possible!
23. Weddings.. because there are millions on at this time of the year!
24. Cocktails (or Mocktails if you prefer!)
25. Taking the plunge and undertaking that terrifying feat you've been meaning to conquer. Skydiving? Scuba Diving? Or simply changing your hair colour!
26. Making fresh salads most days and ENJOYING it!
27. Swimming. Although personally, I'm more prone to"elegantly" (ahem) perching on a sunbed poolside, but each to their own!
28. Tire swings. One of my favourite memories involves hijacking a tire swing by a river, which was constantly taken down but put back up by us (!), just chilling out in the evening sun.
29. Water fights! Hiding out while you refill your weapons of choice, then attacking your mates with them. When being childish is this much fun, why grow up?
30. Spending time in the park. Picnics with your lover or your friends, or even just reading a book by yourself under the shade of a tree, is perfect!

31. The world being filled with bright colours! Flowers of all hues, the sky a vivid blue and the grass its most intense green, alongside everyone digging out their colourful clothes!
32. Going to the shops and buying as many magazines as humanly possible, before devouring them in your garden.
33. Staying up all night and sleeping all day. This would be the most fun if it was at Benicassim!
34. Making mixtapes (in a non-pretentious way) and entitling them SUMMER OF MY LIFE.. and then hiding them 'til you find them once again when you're old and grey, and remember how awesome you are.
35. Car washing. Because even the most mundane of tasks becomes fun when it involves heat.
36. Sea salt in your hair. That natural wavy undone look is easy to master with the help of the seaside!
37. Road trips. Even if it's just a few miles, rolling down the windows and blasting music is one of the greatest pleasures of summer.
38. Rollercoasters. Or being a big wimp and just managing the carousel/ferris wheel.. Guarantees a good day out.
39. Wishing you were at Coachella, EVERY YEAR. Cough.
40. Blowing bubbles walking around the city. Used to love doing this with my friends. Really need to resurrect it!

41. Buying fresh flowers and putting them in pots/vases/mugs/bottles. The quirkier the better!

42. Walking around the woods having your own little adventure. Hopefully accompanied by a camera to stick all your photos on your blog with.
43. Eating the best or most outrageous ice cream/sorbet you can find. Extra kudos go to those who make it themselves!

44. Plaiting your/your friend's hair.

45. .. Or even turning into a seasonal hippy with daisies painted on your face.

46. Stories/guitar playing around a campfire.
47. Fighting to keep the blossom on your trees!! There's a little bird, right at this moment, cheekily attacking our cherry blossom.
48. Gliding along a river on a boat. This is best experienced in Oxford!
49. Sleeping under the stars, like literally under the stars. I want to do this!!!!!
50. And finally (drum roll please!), admiring the attractive views on the beach..!

What reminds you of summer?


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