The Boudoir Retreat

19 April 2011

I've been thinking more and more about ~interior decoration~, and re-starting my 'Home' images folder. Currently, I'm in the process of deciding where I'm gonna be living next year (I know, leaving things 'til the last minute is my forte..). Looking at what's available right now is getting me reaaally excited for the day where I can finally decorate how I want to, and prettify things just a little. I think you can tell from these existing images that I'm after a little boudoir retreat; somewhere I can lay all my make-up & hair products out, chill out and watch Mad Men, yet somewhere which still keeps me motivated to work & study - hence the "Work Hard & Be Nice To People" quote! Maybe one day I'll have a place of my own to completely tweak to perfection.. although, for now, I'll just keep working..!



  1. All these photos are gorgeous, I definitely want my bedroom to look like this one day! I would love lots of white paint and wooden floors, and a vanity table with a big mirror. I can't wait to have my own house so I can decorate it!

  2. Ohh I agree, my dream vanity table would be one of those white french antique ones - loveee. Can't come soon enough!


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