Summer Loving

16 April 2011

Yes and Yes
Well, well, well, haven't been here in a whiiile..! It's all down to two faults: too much work and no camera USB. In the summer, when I have all my things in one place for a change - instead of scattered around two postcodes - it'll be a DIFFERENT STORY(!). Or shoot me.

♥ At the moment, I'm obsessively taking photos with my Mini Diana. Works best in the sunshine, so it's perfect timing. All the cherry blossom is out on the trees and it's a lovely backdrop for some experimentation. I really feel that having it with me everywhere I go is encouraging me to document my life in a quirkier way. Instead of just stiff posed photos of yourself at differing ages, you can look back on your little experiences and adventures (even if they just visualise the fact you love sushi.. which I certainly do).
When I get the rolls of film developed, I'll post them on here, but for now I'll just post a few summery scenes I'm wallpapering my laptop with;

♥ Anna madness! Reading Anna Dello Russo interviews, finding photoshoots and collecting street style photos of her seems to be becoming a favourite past-time of mine. She's the most colourful looking fashion lady that I've seen in ages; buzzing with energy and glowing with happiness. So inspiring. Love her!

♥ Mustard, Auburn & Coral.. there's a stack of lovely colours to embrace this year!
♥ If my hair was platinum, it would definitely be a pastel pink shade this summer..

This has actually really inspired me to write a list of things that remind me of summer.. Stay tuned. Totally gonna end up making a Spotify playlist to accompany it!

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