The Edge of Glory

16 May 2011

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We're on the Edge of Glory
Well, what have I been up to? I'm busying myself well and truly at the moment to be honest. Got a zilliiiiion things to sort out and it's safe to say I'm a stresshead.

To-Do List
♥ Flat-searching. All kinds of hellish. Trying to avoid making the same viewing mistake as last year.. the good thing is my city is a treasure trove for students.
♥ New placement opportunities. Just finished my last one which I loved, but it showed me it wasn't the right path for me, so I know which way I'm going now. Marketing/branding/events design would probably be more my bag. Apparently I have a "creative head", which I pretty much denied for long enough but I'm gonna embrace it now.
♥ Kind of what this heart signifies.. that area is being sorted.. no more hesitation & missed opportunities, Laura! Stay tuned..
♥ Summer. Got to get a summer job sorted out.. groan. If I stayed in the city I would find this a much simpler task!
♥ Finish mammoth reports & exams. And make them awesome etc.
♥ In addition to this, I'm doing the 30 Day Shred, because I'm a sheep and felt like joining the bandwagon. Ps, I am in agony. Thanks Jillian Michaels for truely kicking my ass you evil genius.

This month is officially christened Worker Bee Month!
Lily Cole

What Else Is New?

If, for some reason, you're wondering why I've not been particularly active recently on Blogger - head to my Pinterest and rejoice in the wonders of virtual collaging. It's a million times better than Tumblr and I love being able to see all my favourite things "pinned" on to organised Pinboards. Boooom. You've gotta apply for an invite but the turnaround is pretty quick and you'll be addicted in no time. I'm especially a fan of cute-animal-collecting as shown here..

Pugster Sinatra!

Not exactly *new* but I'm still in love with Spotify - despite the new "5 plays of each song per month" filter - and here's my Spotify playlists I've been adding to recently. Yay! Ignore the fact I have atrocious taste in 70s/80s tunes and the occasional club anthem..

Finally, in less than 5 weeks I'm off to my favourite Highland getaway. Cannot wait to just submerge myself into a different place for a while and not have any access to the Internet! Yay. Will be a fantastic chance to make good use of my Diana & Nikon too and get my journaling stuff started up again. ALSO, going to climb lots of waterfalls again and be a fitness fanatic by the time I get back. They sell my favourite green tea & acai juice too nommm. It will really just be a foodfest if I'm honest.

What I've Been Buying
So, I'm on a polka dot wardrobe scrapping mission. I overdid it in the past 6 months and now I can't look at them the same way. But now I feel like I'm literally lost in a sea of shopping confusion, grrr. I bought this dress the other day though and just as I was writing this it got despatched! Plus, the biig clutch bag I just got is my solution to not losing my keys/phone anymore.. as well as fitting my fold-up ballet pumps in!

Dorothy Perkins

I also got new foundation! Quite exciting for me as I'm boring and have worn Clinique Superbalanced Foundation since I was 15.. The coverage wasn't doing it for me anymore and I had to keep mixing it with MAC Studio Fix on a night out. I heard good things about Double Wear so when I ran out I knew what to turn to!

Estee Lauder Double Wear in Fresco

I will leave you now with a tuuune