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30 November 2011

Sinking back into winter now.. I'm currently curled up on my bed "revising" after a big weekend! It was my birthday night out on Friday so it was bound to be full of food & drink & general merriment.. Now it's back to the books and revision hell. Groan..

Thought I'd do a wee write-up of my day in the 'burgh!

I started off at 3 o'clock with Afternoon Tea at Tigerlily with my parents; my favourite place in Edinburgh. It was top-notch and I would definitely go back again for another wee 'Tigerlily Tea' in future. As well as scoffing ridiculous amounts of mini sandwiches, cakes & pink champers, I ordered a pot of Jasmine tea! I've always wanted to try out the flowering tea, as a green tea obsessive, and it didn't disappoint. It was less bitter than your average green tea and so easy to drink. Think they were filming something in there as there was a TV camera roaming about..? Hopefully my delirious food face wasn't captured for all to see..


When I rocked up back at the flat afterwards, my flatmates had blown up loads of balloons, tied them around the place and presented me with a cupcake to blow the candles out on (n.b. read the packet before buying said candles as ours was apparently one of those relighting candles which led to a lot of confusion hahaha!) Cutest.

Had dinner at Le Monde later on with the girls, which was also a lovely experience. Even got a little candle on my creme brulee! Would definitely go back. We received great service and my steak pie was epic, mmm!
This was followed by a fair amount of drinking, dancing & attempting to avoid the gale-force winds and rain. Thanks, Scotland.. I'll add more photos to this when I get them!

Discovery of the night: if you point at your birthday badge, you will probably get your own way 99% of the time. WIN.

And finally, I met this rather handsome chap outside the Picture House..

TAYLOR HANSON, anyone..? "Hi Taylor, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY" haha!


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