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15 December 2011

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans Lyrics

I've been kinda entranced by Lana Del Rey for a good month or so now, and she's just released the much-hyped video accompaniment to her single Born to Die. I know she's become a bit of an internet sensation based on a couple of songs but her album, entitled with the same name, is out in January.  I think the rest of it will be just as good if previous singles Video Games and Blue Jeans are anything to go by.
I read in Vogue UK the other day (which I only bought because of Florence Welch gracing the cover, ahem..) a description of her as having a bit of "screen siren" about her, but she herself describes her style as “Ghetto Monesgeque”. I would attempt to decode that but I'll probably fail miserably. And it would only ruin the magic..
She's definitely quite captivating anyway, and I'm 100% sure that's because of her mysterious pouty (collagen-enhanced???) cool-kid aura as well as the soulful voice.

Ps - I'm rather excitable at the mo, given the Christmas spirit! 

♥ Just sent away my Bloggers' Secret Santa parcel on Monday, so I'm hoping it gets there in one piece and my santee is pleased! I'm equally excited to see what my own Santa has chosen for me. I'm sure it will be brilliant :) Not going to open it until the big day though, but I'll do a wee blog post afterwards!

♥ Have just arranged our gang's New Years' Eve plans so hopefully the weather stays sane until January atleast, although it would be nice to get a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve..!

Pps - I've created a wee Winter playlist on Spotify which is really all about She & Him, Sufjan Stevens, Sinatra, Gaga & BublĂ© (of course) but there are a couple of other people thrown in there for good measure. Gonna add to it as Christmas gets closer!

Ppps - too many Ps', but is it just me who is ridiculously excited to do the annual Christmas food shop and forget healthy eating for a week? Uh oh, I can see myself regretting this when my jeans don't fit come 1st January..