February xo

16 February 2012

Hey all! I guess it's a good time to write an update of what i've been up to of late.. it's been a pretty hectic month and we're only midway through! This is also a crossover from January, though..

 In the absence of a real gentleman, this little suave guy made do nicely on Valentines' night. Scares the hell out of my friend though, haha! Via Topshop. Also, obligatory crazy face.
 I got my first Glossybox delivery. Hip hip! I knew it was time to take the plunge when I discovered my flatmate is a beauty box hoarder. The lady who delivered it was like "what a pretty box". I've made use of the Eyeko eyeliner already, and the conditioner made my hair all soft & ringlet-y! (If you want proper reviews, I suggest you follow some good beauty blogs cause I'm not an expert at all!)
 Cocktails.. cocktails. More cocktails. Too many. One night I just felt really sick from sugar overload and couldn't drink afterwards. Ergh.
 Getting some wear out of the peter pan collar necklace my mum got me at Christmas. Looks adorable over a jumper. Still instore I see.. via Topshop.
 Pub quizzing.. one of my favourite things.
 ..another of my favourite things.
Tigerlily cocktail sampling. I say sampling, I mean we literally had one each after an epic trek around the 'burgh. Was nice to go back though. Haven't been since my birthday. I chose the Raspberry Pimms Cup. Very glam. Can I please steal all the furniture and mirrors, also!?

Before this we went to Bar Kohl where I had a Candy Crush. Bar Kohl is a place I've been meaning to try for months, having originally seen it reviewed by Gillian on the Edinburger blog. When we went, they were playing Burn After Reading on a big cinematic screen. We definitely enjoyed catching glimpses of Brad Pitt while we sipped our cocktails, trying to maintain a ladylike demeanor.. The decor is fab and we decided it felt like when we walked out we'd be hailing a yellow cab.. New Yooork!

In addition to this, I also: ♥ sorted out my skin in Pure Spa during the Valentines offer ♥ accumulated a Hendrix top which I've been searching for for about 4 years!! ♥ learned to let go of things & people holding me back ♥ sorted out my erratic sleeping which drained me during January. record: 3 days without sleep. not pretty! ♥ made plans with my best friend for her to come visit me next month. So excited!! ♥ found out what I'm allergic to and feel soo much happier ♥ went for drinks in Lebowskis where a guitarist & a french singer were playing all sorts of awesome covers. squeeee'd when they did the Ronettes ♥ supported the flailing Scottish rugby team during every match. come on boys in blue! ♥ did lots of cooking & salad consuming! ♥ laughed for hours and hours with my girls 'til my sides hurt ♥ watched a lotttt of New Girl/Gossip Girl/Whitechapel ♥ went on flat viewings where I wanted to steal all the posters of Dylan and Cash ♥ had the yummiest hot chocolate in Starbucks ♥ actually enjoyed studying!?!? ♥ had weird intuitive moments all the time. hoping this is a good sign..!

From now on, however, it's deadline hand-ins galore! Can't wait to get everything over with. No more partying for a wee bit! More pyjama bedtime studying, I imagine.. Hope you're all having a brilliant February too - and got spoiled on Valentines, even if you were your own valentine like me!


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  1. I love Bar Kohl - looks like you've been having loads of fun! x


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