29 March 2012

Hello! It's been a while, I know.. life gets pretty manic when the sun starts shining, right?
Luckily, I've had my phone and camera on me at all times, so there's loads of photos to publish! I apologise if at times they might seem a wee bit blurry - the focus on my Galaxy S2 has stopped working for some reason..

First off, I was an extra for the first time in my friend's major project film. Pretty exciting stuff. I literally just pretended to be "drinking" Irn Bru and chatting in a party scene, building up to a dramatic death on a beach at sunrise (not me, obviously..!).

Photo copyright to Maija Koukkari (an awesome freelance camera operator/editor if ever you need one ;)
Best wake up surprise ever! By now, you all know the contents of this Glossybox.. verrry pleased with what I received on the whole, including the Clarins creme, Lancome Juicy Tube and Versace Vanitas parfum. Fantastic collaboration with Harrods!
My mumma's flowers for Mothers Day. Lots of pink!
Flat Two for Tuesdays at Dominos..
 My first White Russian from Lebowskis.
 Lunch at Bar Kohl. Kohl Burger.. noms!
 My first visit to the newly opened National Museum of Scotland
Just me and my house..
 This could be taken from when we were 14.. 'barrassin!
A very foggy Edinburgh Castle
Driving in the sunset

And I'm sure you all noticed the heatwave which just struck Britain this past week. Suffice to say I've been getting stuck into things usually reserved for summer, including water fights, BBQs, picnics & generally walking around without the need for a jacket.. long may it continue!

 Impromptu BBQ.. first of the year!
 Peace and quiet
Clearly wasn't expecting such glorious weather in March and only had these sunglasses to hand. Still, it added to the happy effect!
Sunday Picnic with my bestie!
 My view for most of Sunday..

This month has been a rollercoaster. So much has changed in just one month, it's crazy to think where I might be this time in April. In just 30 days I've cut ties with the person who's been nothing but damaging, I've drifted away from someone I was incredibly close to, I've bumped into old friends and shared gossip from the last year, I've made plans to see my old best friend, I've started seeing someone who used to be a friend.. It's all changed. I love it. Life moves in mysterious ways. The best is yet to come. Got lots of work to be focusing on first though!

Ps - we also just secured our flat for next year.. CELEBRATIONS! Can't wait to be in the midst of the chaos of Edinburgh during the Fringe (although I know I'll resent it come August when I can't move for tourists, haha!)

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