Wildfox AW12

24 June 2012

As is tradition on The Likely Lady, I like to post about the Wildfox lookbooks. They're one of my favourite brands for the storybook styling that goes into each season. Everything in the range fits a prescribed theme. In the past, brand founder Kimberley Gordon has created ranges with Woodstock and Marie Antoinette in mind. I absolutely love her ideas and drawings, and already follow her inspirations blog.

This season, Wildfox has given the 90s film adaptation of Romeo + Juliet an alternate twist on the idea of the young couple living on, causing havoc in 2012.

As Kimberley wrote in describing the range, "Would R&J have lasted over time? Or would they have realized, inevitably, that it was just a fling and their teens are meant for road trips, stories, late nights, skinny dipping, strip poker, falling in love with everyone you meet, and most importantly best friends forever, getting over breakups and learning all about what makes you happy!"

And for everyone else who just wants to perv over a young Leonardo Di Caprio..
..you're welcome!

All photos copyright to Mark Hunter via Wildfox.


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