Branding #1: Growing Up

15 November 2012

Hi guys, bit of a change to scheduling!

Beata Cervin Photography
I've never used The Likely Lady as a platform for my events or marketing studies; preferring to use it as an outlet for my sporadic fashion & beauty ramblings over the past 3 years. But I think now's the time to incorporate a few marketing-focused posts into the blog - nothing major but a wee revamp has been required for a while around here. Bit of a winter detox maybe..? Given that marketing's the industry I want to work in, being in 3rd year is making me realise it's time to follow the ol' dreams a bit more! I'm also going to include more beauty chit-chat and Edinburgh gems. Gonna be quieter at the end of November until Christmas, though, in order to get these exams done!

A Wishlist: Glitter, Polka Dots & Moustaches

7 November 2012

November already? 

This year has gone so quickly.. it's actually 18 days until my 21st birthday! Can finally face it now that my big deadlines are out of the way as of today. Third year is insane, it's official.

So, what with all the birthday prep, I've started thinking about shopping again (to be honest, mostly just sticking "glitter" in all search engines..). I'm 99.9% certain I'm gonna purchase the top left dress for my night out, and the rest is my winter wishlist! Craving some more jumpers and a bit of sparkle in this dreary winter weather..

Arabella Lace & Sequin Flared Dress - £29.99
Knitted Graduated Jumper in Bubblegum Pink - £36.00
Lipstick in Wicked - £9.00

What's on your winter wishlist this year?