Branding #1: Growing Up

15 November 2012

Hi guys, bit of a change to scheduling!

Beata Cervin Photography
I've never used The Likely Lady as a platform for my events or marketing studies; preferring to use it as an outlet for my sporadic fashion & beauty ramblings over the past 3 years. But I think now's the time to incorporate a few marketing-focused posts into the blog - nothing major but a wee revamp has been required for a while around here. Bit of a winter detox maybe..? Given that marketing's the industry I want to work in, being in 3rd year is making me realise it's time to follow the ol' dreams a bit more! I'm also going to include more beauty chit-chat and Edinburgh gems. Gonna be quieter at the end of November until Christmas, though, in order to get these exams done!

My MySpace account a bit frozen in time.. cringe at the clich├ęd MySpace name.
So, I'm kind of obsessed with the Internet. There. I said it. I'm a geek.

Having started the obsession in 2001, it's been a good 11 years of growing & evolving, watching people shift from MySpace to Facebook, Facebook to Twitter (with a bit of LiveJournal and Bebo teen drama along the way, as well as a brief Neopets phase.. fun times). Nowadays, social media is a land of Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr amongst millions of others. So many ways to get your image and voice across..
I'm officially 21 next week(!) and am starting to want to "build my brand", so to speak - both online and in ~real life~. I've admired people like Nubby Twiglet, Kris Atomic, WishWishWish & Gala Darling for years.. people who have evolved and shifted their branding to differentiate themselves amongst a sea of "internet personalities". They're all successful because they have their own USP. That is something I've struggled with in life and in blogging, preferring not to commit myself to any image or path. Blame this on the teenage years or lack of direction, but now is the time to solidify everything and just GROW THE EFF UP (scary). For reference, I was definitely inspired by reading Nubby's blog post on 'The Brand Audit'.

Anyway, there you go! Just a heads up. Expect a bit of a revamp and more of these type of posts in future. It'll all fit it in with the fashion/beauty/blogging theme so won't be too much of a change..



  1. hope you have an amazing 21st

  2. Hope the big birthday goes well! I'm such an internet geek too - I remember having myspace and piczo and looking up all the html etc to get all the 'cool stuff' on my profile :L

    1. Thanks! Haha yeah, I loved all that. Actually devastated when you couldn't do that on FB. Bad times..

  3. I recently started working in marketing and know what it's like to want to brand yourself, as opposed to just being a blogger. And it does take some soul searching to know what you want to be recognised for but I think I got there and have things I concentrate on and other parts of me I keep for IRL.

    Though personally I think nubby should have kept referring to herself as nubby for all her other ventures. But we'll see how it pans out.

    Morag x

    1. That's true, it definitely takes a lot of soul searching!

      Ahh, the Nubby name change is an undecided one for me. I see her point at wanting to centralise everything in her name, but it's such a recognised persona she's already created which you'd think would make a good springboard. Ah well. x

  4. I am only 16, and for me its so weird to think you have been on the internet for 11 years! It must be amazing to be able to reflect on the technological advances and trends. I think my neopets accounts was one of my first! Now i am happily blogging and, sad but true i cant imagine my life with out the internet! Cant wait to see your future posts, good luck with exams!!


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