The Likely Lady: 4 Years On

31 January 2013

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Happy 4th Birthday to The Likely Lady!

Since I hit "publish" on that first blog post on January 31st 2009, as a slightly bewildered 17 year old, things have progressed so far in the blogging world, yet The Likely Lady's content is essentially still the same (despite lots of growing-up!)...

In my first post, I wrote about a "new brand" I'd discovered through Susie BubbleBebaroque. That wee Scottish brand are still one of my favourites, and I even recently tweeted about how they had a graduate job on offer I would have loved! Sadface.

Back then, Polyvore was the big thing - nowadays, Pinterest has mostly replaced it.
Twitter was still fairly new (I joined that a matter of weeks before I created this blog), whereas now it's a worldwide networking tool where bloggers & creatives collaborate and thrive.

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I don't know what will have changed another 4 years from now (I'll be 25!?) but what I do know is that: right here and now, in 2013, I want to take this blog to another level and make it the best it can be. I want my post count to rise and the quality to rise alongside it. "Less filler, more killer". Years of blog reading has given me inspiration from all of my favourite haunts to create a vision of what I want for my own wee corner of the interwebz.

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All throughout January, I've been quietly beavering away; mapping out the direction of this blog and what I want to ultimately achieve out of it..

So, where to for The Likely Lady now?

Regular Themed Posts

I want more of a threaded theme to run throughout the blog; regular posts which focus on different topics such as:

♥ 'The Review'
These posts have already started popping up, and will focus on reviewing some of my skincare/makeup/pampering products! Either old faithfuls or new experiments. Luxury & budget. I'm also planning to do a few Daily Makeup/Skincare posts in the future because I love reading these kinds of posts myself!

♥ 'The Happy Project'
This one is something I've been wanting to incorporate for a long time. One of the first blogs I ever read back in the day - and truly resonated with - was Gala Darling. Now, I know nowadays that blog has expanded far beyond the original concept (as it should), but the core "Radical Self Love" & "Things I Love Thursday" aspects are still there. And they're what made me re-evaluate my negative thinking. Sounds crazy but I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without that shift in attitude!
Essentially, in future, I'd like to add a few more Happy Lists into the mix!

It's no secret - I am obsessed with Pinterest. Having pinned in excess of 2,000 images/quotes/arty farty things, I'd like to share all the bits & pieces that inspire me, right here on the blog.

'The Playlist'
I enjoyed creating a few playlists for the blog in the past, so would like to carry that tradition along (mostly to justify the fact I am obsessed with playlisting on Spotify & blasting my music loud.. ahem)

♥ Regular Fashion Coverage
The usual 'Lookbook' & 'Wishlist' posts, and a re-establishment of my fashion week coverage which has slipped over the past 2 years, as well as brand showcasing.

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Collaboration with Brands

I'm hoping that 2013 is the year I'll showcase brands/products who appeal to the blog's aesthetics & provide some inspiration for all my readers. But, as ever, I'll only ever do it if I truly believe in what I'm writing about! I'd particularly like to focus on Scottish brands too.

A Fresh New Blog Design

A bit of a jazz-up around the edges has been overdue for a while now and I'd like to rectify that before my uni work piles up. Gonna have to call in a professional to dust away the cobwebs & bring in the sparkle!

So this is it! Hope you're as excited as I am to embark on all this change. Here's to working hard and building something to be proud of!

If you have any other ideas on what you'd like to read here, drop me a comment below or tweet me!

For now, I guess it's time to celebrate with some cheesy tunes..



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