The New Year Begins In A Snow-Storm Of White Vows*

7 January 2013

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*Quote by George William Curtis

January. A month of fresh goals, fresh thinking and fresh starts. A month that is filled with good intentions built on a clean slate. Goals are implemented; some cast aside as the weeks slide by, and ultimately, their success depends on sheer hard work and perseverance.

Each year, I begin a fresh crisp page of my Moleskine (which, incidentally, is this little beauty in 2013) with my dreams and ambitions written out neatly for the year. So, I thought I'd write my top 5 goals here. I've seen a lot of fellow bloggers like Roisin & Morag, amongst others, openly publishing their resolutions online with the hope it diminishes any shying away by the end of January i.e. everyone knows!).

So, without further ado...


Taking the risks & opportunities which offer themselves up to me is a resolution I have continuously renewed every year for the past 3 or 4 years. When I was younger, risk-taking was something I hardly ever did. Being naturally quite sensible and security-orientated (as well as struggling with anxiety), it seemed like the trickiest thing to get going at. However, so many things I'm grateful to have in my life were borne out of risk. Yeah, of course things can go wrong, but if you never try you'll never know, right?
I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it.  I want to have lived the width of it as well.  ~Diane Ackerman
The main things I want to take risks with are: making my blog more a reflection of me ♥ networking with people who inspire me ♥ going to more events by myself ♥ approaching people if I need help or advice. I'm not an island and I shouldn't struggle alone or feel a failure for reaching out for advice.

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Standard New Year's resolution: "sort out all that junk I have lying around", "send those thank-you notes" or "make actual use of my calendar!"

I'm not actually too bad at organisation - in fact, I go a bit mental at people who aren't so organised (er, apologies to my boyfriend) - but I wasn't making any use of the weekly schedule section in my diary by the end of 2012. It is nice to be a bit spontaneous once in a while, but I work 10x better when I know what I'm doing each day. Productivity thrives on managing your time effectively (Zen Habits), so I wanna make sure I schedule work time & me time

My favourite new weekly habit is the whole Sunday Pamper ritual which is becoming a bit of a cult thing in the beauty blogging world. It means I feel prepared for the week ahead and don't have to worry about too many personal upkeep tasks! I'm also back on the diary wagon. My next goal is to clear out all the uni clutter from last year so I have fresh space & empty folders for the new term! Here's hoping that this stops any last-minute report-writing.. (maybe..)

My Rob Ryan notebook.. perfect for scribbling down to-do lists!


Everyone and their mum writes the whole "be more healthy" resolution. Usually this is the one which fails quickest of all, especially if it includes the words "lose weight". Now, even though I'm not the slimmest person in the world, I'm at an average healthy weight which doesn't bother me and suits me quite well. My biggest goal every year is always to feel healthy from the inside-out. I want that glow from drinking 2 litres of water a day, downing my vitamins & remembering my green tea every day as opposed to once a week! I also want to stay active and walk everywhere I can. This is luckily quite achievable, living in the city amongst everything. I do, as previously mentioned, deal with anxiety now and again, so staying active rids me of all that excess energy it produces. However, on the other hand, I need to sort out my sleeping and get a deeper sleep each night too. Thinking of trying out the This Works Sleep Balm. Basically, just remembering to shut off and breathe once in a while is essential to me feeling healthy and happy again!

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As a home-bird, the space I spend my time in is the space I need to reflect happiness, cosiness and personality. Whenever I move into a new room (especially as a student), one of the first things I do is stick up a collage of photos, quotes and mementos which either inspires me or brings happy memories. Recently, I've been quite unhappy with my space in the city and the atmosphere within it. I've become more reluctant to spend any time up there, and this needs rectified.

The first thing I need to do is bring back that feeling of cosiness and homeliness. At the moment, my room up there feels more like a crash pad than a boudoir. This probably means it's time for new sheets and a bit of a sprucing-up of the collage and d├ęcor to make my space more "me". Ikea time, anyone..? In fact, I've already started building a Pinterest board of Home inspiration.. but this is mainly for when I get my own flat one day!

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Coming into the final year or two of my Degree has made me realise how unprepared I feel for graduation. From the age of 11, I wanted to be a fashion journalist, then a Photographer (which I studied for a while). From the age of 18, I worked & studied towards a career in Events. Now, at 21, I've finally found a direction which suits me and invigorates me. I know now that I want to work in Digital Marketing, potentially for a beauty or cultural company. 

As I have more experience in Events, I'm gonna make sure I get as much Marketing experience under my belt (through placements & Uni projects, etc) as possible so I'm not left out in the cold with other identically qualified graduates. First things first, I'm going to network, network, network! I do have quite a few contacts already, but I need to work on strengthening these networks and seeing how I can continue to assist my contacts, rather than losing touch.

I also really want to aim to complete an internship in Digital Marketing over the summer. If you know of any in Edinburgh or Glasgow, drop me an email, by the way, thanks! :)

I'd love The Likely Lady to become more of a professional platform for me in both my personal & career life. I want it to reflect my direction and my interests (e.g. beauty, marketing, photography, music & lifestyle), as well as the interests of my readers!

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There are many more goals I want to complete, like travelling abroad at least once this year, but these are the top 5 most important!

So, over to you - what are your resolutions for this year and what do you hope to have achieved when the bells toll into 2014?

Ps - Try this idea by Gemma (YouTube link!) - find a jar and fill it with happy mementos/notes from your year. Tip it out on New Year's Eve and remember all the good stuff you did! :)



  1. Sounds a bit like mine. I need to purge my house and make it a home. I have way too much stuff! x

    1. Haha I know! Far too much junk and clothes scattered about. Ridiculous x

  2. Lovely post :) Mine are quite similar too, especially in relation to taking risks, drinking more water and sleeping better! My sleeping pattern got ridiculous towards the end of 2012 (and still is now!!) so that has to be adjusted, and I've been going into water drinking overload!! In terms of risk taking, I've always been hopeless - I'm sorting that out this March by moving to Australia for a few months (seem to have taken a massive leap there rather than baby steps haha), but you're so right, lots of the best things that come into our lives involve an element of risk. So here's to being braver in 2013! :) x

    1. Yeah, these are just all so essential to feeling happy :)

      Wow! Have a great time in Australia, that'll be an amazing experience! I guess after you do something that massive everything else feels 100x easier haha x


Thanks for reading! x