Valentino AW13

6 March 2013

Valentino - a label I have loved obsessively from the moment I first got engrossed in fashion at 14. They, to me, are the one label you can always count on to take your breath away. Their dresses can only be described as dreamy! Basically, if I was an Italian princess, I'd wear Valentino 24/7..

Anyway, on to the show! After half an hour spent (apparently) waiting on Jessica Alba to arrive (...), the show opened with a flock of doll-like collared dresses. Someone referred to how similar it seemed to Miu Miu SS10, which I do see a lot of..

For reference:

Miu Miu SS10
The hair & the collar detailing are unmistakable similarities. However, that show will forever be one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITES, so I have no complaints on any imitation for next season..

My favourite trends from the show include: Long side-plaited hair ♥ Embroidered Collars ♥ T-Bar Heels ♥ Beautifully tailored Princess Coats ♥ Embroidered Flock Designs ♥ That shade of Blue ♥ Scallop Detailing ♥ Red Swing Dresses ♥ Cuff Detailing ♥ Alice Bands ♥ The Chain Clutch Bags

Plus! They featured Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new tune Sacrilege, which I've been boogying away to all week!

..I want ALL of it!

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What did you think of the show? Was it as beautiful as you hoped? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Valentino always makes my heart flutter, loving all the collars! Special soft spot developing for the blue printed knee length one with collar <3

    1. I know, it's all so beautiful and so wearable!


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