Pinspiration #2

15 April 2013

Hey everyone!

As I write this, my cat Misty is all squished up next to me giving me cuddles, as I'm spending a night at my parents' home after a week and a half away from her. So much love for that little babe! Spent a gorgeous weekend with my best friend down in Sheffield, and then have been making my flat all homely & doing lots of spring-cleaning! Plus, I've been filming with the National Museums of Scotland and helping them with a launch.... *wink wink*

Last time I compiled a Pinspiration post, it was whilst in a pretty low mood, requiring lots of pep-talking to get me feeling positive again.. this time, however, I'm feeling pretty optimistic and motivated! So what better time to pop up some of the imagery that's pervading my eyeballzzz?

Hydraluron Moisture Booster: The Review

13 April 2013

Now, Hydraluron - even the name strikes interest into avid skincare fans. Especially if you're a follower of Caroline Hirons, who LOVES this stuff. And given that she's well-respected in the beauty blogosphere, I was very excited to try it out. If you've not heard of this yet, I suggest you give her initial post a read for the nitty-gritty science!

So, here we go!

WIWT: Easter Bunnies & Bird Cages

3 April 2013

I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!
I decided to take advantage of Easter Sunday dressing-up to take some shots for my ~very first~ What I Wore Today post. Suffice to say, I'm pretty nervous to put myself in front of the lens for a change! But I'm excited for a new chapter in The Likely Lady story.. :)

N.b. Yes, I am obsessed with polka dots and 60% of my wardrobe involves them!