Pinspiration #2

15 April 2013

Hey everyone!

As I write this, my cat Misty is all squished up next to me giving me cuddles, as I'm spending a night at my parents' home after a week and a half away from her. So much love for that little babe! Spent a gorgeous weekend with my best friend down in Sheffield, and then have been making my flat all homely & doing lots of spring-cleaning! Plus, I've been filming with the National Museums of Scotland and helping them with a launch.... *wink wink*

Last time I compiled a Pinspiration post, it was whilst in a pretty low mood, requiring lots of pep-talking to get me feeling positive again.. this time, however, I'm feeling pretty optimistic and motivated! So what better time to pop up some of the imagery that's pervading my eyeballzzz?

How beautiful are these nails? So simple & right up my street.. I imagine my friends would do the usual "that's very Laura" if I painted these..

♥ this is how I'd love to remain in life
This lady, Lauren Conrad, is my best friend's ultimate heroine.. and I'm starting to see it too. What with her Beauty Department and Lauren Conrad websites, she is just PERFECT. I want to be her.
If, one day, I feel exactly like this, I hope this is what I come out with..


This tattoo symbolises a lot of what I've felt for the past year. It's an infinity tattoo, and represents rebirth and reincarnation; the idea that life is a continuous loop. That anything is possible, and we can stop & start whenever, but life goes on.
Beautiful, elegant table setting designs! I love the cutlery too..
Everyone needs these shoes for impromptu mid-afternoon dance parties..!
I'm getting the cooking bug this week, BIG TIME! I'm obsessed with coming up with new salad ideas, and this dinner idea looks SO TASTY. Drool..

Hope you enjoyed the second instalment of Pinspiration.. Are you a Pinterest addict like me? And, do you wish you had the time and energy to create everything on there? (Yes, from me)

All images via Pinterest.


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