A Love Letter to Miss Dior.. (and a Fond Farewell)

24 May 2013

Every great love story starts with a memorable first date, and me n' Miss Dior (née Cherie) certainly had ours. After spotting this perfume in a magazine in early 2007, described with "notes of popcorn, wild strawberry and pink jasmine", I was intrigued. So, at the age of 15, this kinda thing sounded right up my street..

Pinspiration #3: If You Want To Be Happy, Then Be!

23 May 2013

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Hey everyone,

Just a little something we should all try and abide by..!

I've certainly learned over the years to choose and carve out my own happiness, rather than hope it just happens to me (in an intangible, miraculous way..)

For anyone only starting out on the whole happiness journey, I suggest you read Gala Darling's blog if you haven't done so already. Since I became an avid reader around 2008/2009 (as a disillusioned teenager), she has been one of the main influences in propelling me to follow my dreams and become happy in the moment. There are lots of useful archive posts on there, such as Magical Thinking, A Girl on a Mission, How to Get Calm in a World full of Crazy and In Praise of Calling it Quits amongst many, MANY others.. She inspired me to start on my Radical Self Love journey, and I couldn't be more proud of all the risks and obstacles I've overcome to keep powering on. Ok, I know some people have problems with her as a writer, but in my case, it helped me a lot in becoming the positive thinker I am today.

I'm really keen to read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin asap too! 

*Update* Just bought the book, so fingers crossed it'll be a good 'un..!

What have you done recently to choose happiness and take responsibility in creating it?
Let me know in the comments below :)


Pizza Express: Open House Launch Evening

21 May 2013


Yet another event (my last in a series of them!); on Sunday May 12th, me, my friend Stacey and Gillian from Elevatormusik all turned up for a rather unexpected BYOB launch evening at the newly-opened Pizza Express in Morningside...

What followed was an evening of fine wines and even better pizzas! What I'd do for one right now...

Harvey Nichols: Grazia Beauty Parlour

16 May 2013

The Laura Mercier counter *drool*

So, last Weds (8th May), me, Lynsey and Roisin met up at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh for a nice wee shop-in evening, with hair & beauty talks from various beauty industry insiders, as hosted by Grazia Magazine..!

Spa in the City: Edinburgh

11 May 2013

Hey guys,

I have a few posts lined up to show you some recent events I've been to. This week was my last proper week of deadlines (as well as my busiest in terms of blog events!) so I now have time to FINALLY blog..

Last Sunday (May 5th), me and a friend woke up extra early to make it into the queue for free treatments at the annual Spa in the City in St Andrews' Square. Having attended last year, but only turning up at 4pm and missing all the freebies (sad-face), it was great to finally fully absorb the event and get pampered by some of Edinburgh's biggest brand names..