A Note: Life As It Is Now

9 June 2013

Watermelon Martini at Dragonfly
Hey everyone,

I thought I'd write a quick life update post as life is getting a bit cray cray (but mostly all good now!)..

First off, I'm starting an internship in Digital Marketing tomorrow within the beauty industry. It's my absolute dream, and I'll be dealing with the social media/blog/communications side of marketing, alongside another marketing intern who'll cover market research. I'm extremely excited! Fingers crossed this is the start of my career beginning..

In other news, I've been out and about in the sunshine soaking it all up and, er, burning my legs (as you can see in my previous WIWT post).

Here are some Instagram images that cover the past week or two!

Testing out the Stay Flawless range
Always buy yourself flowers! Hopefully a bright coral bunch of roses :)
Being a tourist & snapping Edinburgh Castle in the sunshine..
Being healthy! Avocado, tomato, spinach & red onion salad with pesto & olive oil dressing
Chilling in Bruntsfield Links, having a picnic & sunbathing (the day I got burnt!)
Iced Vanilla Latte from Costa
The Meadows Festival fairground rides..
New hair! All smartened up at Cheynes..
Hope you're all having as much fun in the sun or working hard through the summer months! I'm gonna be doing lots of the latter from now on..



  1. Wow, good luck lovely, that sounds amazing! xxx

    1. Thanks Lynsey! It's really good :) hopefully see you again soon xxx


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