Hotel Missoni: Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air

6 July 2013

On Thursday evening, me and a few of my fellow Scottish Bloggers (Gillian, Iona, Lynne, Kirstie, et al) went along to the Hotel Missoni's launch night of their Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air.

So how did the night go, I hear you ask..?

First off, we all had a glass of prosecco each whilst the manager of the Natura Bissé brand in Britain gave us a 5 minute run-through of the history of the brand, and of the ongoing tour of the Bubble around the world.

It was interesting to note that Rafael Nadal actually sleeps in a Bubble during big match times. Eek. A little bit jealous!

So what exactly is the Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air?

I'll let the brand & Hotel Missoni talk it through better than I ever could!

"Using the latest cosmetic innovation, Hotel Missoni Edinburgh and Natura Bissé specialists will be offering the award winning O2 Awakening Facial within the Bubble Pure Air – the first space which allows you to breathe 99.9% pure filtered air.  
The 60 minute beauty ritual uses a light as air formula to eliminate toxins, balance and repair the skin, leaving you looking and feeling relaxed and radiant. 
By creating an environment that is purified, the effects of products used within The Natura Bissé Bubble are increased dramatically and the pure air surrounding will transport you into a state of complete tranquillity – bliss in a bubble!"
Beyoncé uses their products, all the way from Barcelona, and has also experienced her time in the Bubble. They currently sell their treatments in Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and other 5* hotels, as well as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus stores in America. Not just your average run-of-the-mill brand!

Tempted? Well, I got to experience the treatment myself and was pleasantly surprised! If it's good enough for Queen B, it's good enough for me..

My Experience

As I walked into the Bubble after the pure filtered air was pumped in, it felt like I was in an alternate dream-world place where everything felt so clean and lovely! Or possibly a space-ship..?! I lay down on the massage table and let my therapist work her magic, using a selection of Natura Bissé products. As I've never had an oxygen facial before, I could feel a real difference from the standard facials I've had in the past. It felt like I had waves flowing over my face (weird but true!), and I really felt completely cleansed and revitalised.

Clambering out of the Bubble back into the real world showed the full effects of the treatment, as I actually felt a little bit light-headed and giggly. You really have to watch how quickly you stand up after your time in there! Everyone remarked at how glowing my skin looked, and as I watched the other girls emerge from their facial, we all had the same youthful glow and felt incredibly revitalised!

The Spa

I didn't actually know, until I visited, that Hotel Missoni actually have their own Spa area. It's only a wee hide-away area with two treatment rooms, a reception/mani bar area & a chill-out room, but it's perfect for a little luxury girls' day out with your girlfriends, indulging in some afternoon tea treats too!

Beautiful! Standard modern design from Missoni, of course..

I also had a wee go with their new Afternoon Tea menu, which certainly hit the spot..

Chocolate-dipped marshmallows, Cream Horns, Olive Cake, Macarons & Scones ♥
I hope you enjoyed my wee post! I have a few more coming up, but will have to schedule them in amongst my blog posts for my job! Intense times.. :)

The O2 Awakening Facial in the Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air is available for a limited time only at Hotel Missoni at £65 for 60 mins of treatment.

Are you keen to try out the Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air as it tours around this summer?
Check out their website..!

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  1. Bubble loving, love your wee post, you're so organised mine still isn't up... definitely nothing to do with spending any free time (which is very little) I have currently in all the beer gardens :P hah

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